Losing data is the biggest problem of the present age but losing data from Mac can become a serious issue. The reason is that software and drives of the Mac operating system are different from the operating systems that we commonly use. That is why finding a reliable Mac data recovery software is very tough. If you are a Mac user you might be looking for the software. To help you in the process here we have the top 5 Mac data recovery tools for you.

Best Data Recovery Software For Mac

1) EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It is one of the best Mac data recovery tool available in the market.

  • The biggest attraction of the tool is that you can recover 2 GB data in the trail.
  • It might not sound much but the other mac recovery software will not provide you with this much data.
  • It works quickly and has two scanning modes. The deep scan will allow you to even recover the hidden files.
  • You can recover all types of data that you need from any kind of drive or device. It is compatible with all the versions of Mac operating systems.

2) Apeaksoft Data Recovery

It can support all the Mac operating systems even the latest ones. You can recover the files from the trash, hard drive, or any other device that you have. It can recover almost all types of data that you have lost in the process. You can even restore the systems like SIT, RAR, ZIP, and much more. It will provide you with the complete package that you have been looking for.

3) Prosoft Data Rescue 5

It is developed with some of the advanced search functions and comes with email notification functionality. It has a special scanning mode called the time Machine compatibility that will allow you to assure that while you are backing up files they are not duplicated. It can easily help to recover videos and photos from your hard drive.

4) Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

It is a reliable Mac data recovery tool that can easily recover the data from different types of drive formats and file systems. There are no limitations when it comes to recovering the files that you need. You can even customize the scanning process according to the type of files that you need.

5) Mac Free Any Data Recovery

It is free data recovery software. It will allow you to recover data from all types of storage devices, drives, and mobile phones free. In 3 steps you can even recover all the data you need from Mac. There are customizable recovery options available. It is very easy to use and you will have a good experience.

Bottom line

Make sure that you select the tool you are most comfortable with. You have to compare the cost and services of all these software before selecting the one which you think will help you recover all the data that you need. All these Mac data recovery tools have been developed with the latest algorithms which makes them better than the fake and low-quality tools available in the market. Always take the right decision while selecting the tools that you need.