Although wearing a watch can depict your personality or portray your wealth status, choosing the best can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. You need to consider numerous things bearing in mind that there are different types of watches out there. Also, the number of watchmakers out there is so many that a newbie can be overwhelmed. That’s why we have decided to share this article with the types of watches and explained each one of them separately. Note that there are many types of watches so, we may not cover the whole list in this article.

Let’s get started.

types of watches

1) Analog Watch

An analog watch consists of a minute hand, hour hand and a second’s hand. These types of watches have marks which shows the 60 minutes the hour hand takes to complete one rotation.

2) Automatic Watch

As the name suggests, an automatic watch operates when you move your wrist. In this case, you do not need to rewind it, especially if you wear it daily. It has a half-disc metal weight known as a rotor which stores the energy. The rotor goes in a circular motion whenever your wrist moves. The stored energy keeps the watch moving even when you are not wearing it or during the night when you are sleeping. An automatic watch is also referred to as self-winding watch.

3) Digital Watch

Sometimes people call it a watch with batteries because they are powered by a battery. However, this type of watch is not built with mechanical parts but pure electronics. This type of watch displays the hours, minutes, and seconds in digits, unlike the analog watch whose hours, minutes, seconds are indicated in Romans numbers

4) Diving Watch

Diving or divers watch is one that is made for underwater and is water resistant. Oftentimes diving watches are won by divers since they are capable of withstanding the pressure regardless of the depth the diver can go. It is a high-quality and waterproof watch designed with the latest technology in mind.

5) Dress Watch

A dress watch is simple and classy and is mostly won by people with a high lifestyle or people who want to appear stylish but in a simple way. A dress watch is minimalistic and not too big. A dress watch cannot be won with jeans and t-shirts but is best suitable to be won with a business suit.

6) Chronograph Watch

A chronograph watch is also known as a stopwatch. It’s a user-friendly watch as you just press the start button or stop and press the reset button when operating it. This type of watch is normally used in events such as in Olympic Games.

7) Quartz Watch

A quartz watch is driven by quartz crystals. When the electric current flows, the quartz inside the watch vibrates with accurate frequency. The frequency is then converted into a circuit where the motor helps the watch hands to move. The precise vibrations of the quartz inside the watch help to keep the time accurate.

8) Mechanical Watch

The mechanical watch is perhaps the oldest type of watches. It does not feature mechanical parts, plus it is not powered by a battery. You just need to wind a mainspring and release it to make the hands of the watch to move.

9) Field Watch

A field watch is normally won by officers in the military for telling time since it’s rugged and functional. It is won in war zones.

10) SmartWatch

A smartwatch has functions similar to those of a smartphone. It is designed with in-built apps and has a touchscreen. It can be used for various activities such as monitoring and recording the heart rate. A smartwatch is normally portable.

11) Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are made with high-quality and expensive materials like platinum, gems, and gold.

12) Sports Watch

Sports watch is one that is won by people who are usually active in sports activities. It is designed with shock absorbers and can withstand rain. Some of the features of a sports watch resemble those of a stopwatch, this type is more advanced to the extent that it can monitor the heart rate.

Final Words

We hope with the types of watches we have listed above, you are now able to pick yours. The list is not comprehensive but we have shared the best and most popular types of watches out there.