Best Bollywood Horror Movies of all time : We all know that Bollywood has gone beyond the genre that Ramsay brothers and RG Verma makes and there is a list of horror stories that are a treat for the scarefest that you would like to enjoy with your friends. Every horror movie in the list has a different treatment of the plot and is enough to put scares even in the fearless.

Top 10 Best Bollywood Horror Movies

You surely need to watch these movies if you love watching and hearing about new ghost stories. Weak hearted people kindly stay away from this article.

 1) Raat

Best Bollywood Horror Movies raat

RGV’s cult classic of the horror genre of the 90s, this movie stars Revati in the lead role. Revati plays Mini who shifts to a new home with her parents and her brother. Strange things happen when Mini is around. She pushes her boyfriend in the pond when they out on a date, her best friend gets killed with a twisted neck. The move into a house that has a reputation for hauntings and a gory history. Exorcism is conducted on Mini and is finally relieved of the ghost that she is possessed with.

 2) Bhoot

bhoot movie

A supernatural horror film directed by RGV and stars Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar in the lead. They both move into an apartment that he Vishal(Ajay Devgan) buys for a low price because the apartment has a history of a suicide of the mother and son. Vishal hides this fact from Swati(Urmila). Vishal is a stock analyst and Urmila is a housewife. She has hallucinations living inside the house which drive her to madness. She is exercised to find out that the woman living in their house was molested and fell off the balcony and her spirit has possessed Swati. This movie has its bits of scary moments that are atypical of RGV treatment of horror movies.

3) Phoonk


Phoonk is an RGV film based on the theme of revenge and black magic. Rajiv is a civil engineer and is happy with his family life. He later finds out that Vinay and Madhu cheated him and took away his contract. He fires them and throws them out of his house when they come to attend a party. Angered by this the duo performs black magic rituals on his daughter who displays strange behavior and talks in a male voice. Rajiv in desperate need of help hires a tantric to remove the spell from his daughter’s body. They all go to the house of Vinay and Madhu to see them perform rituals using the doll that is made in the portray of his daughter. They succeed in stopping the ritual and his daughter is recovered.

4) 13B

13B bollywood horror movie

Madhavan and Neetu Chandra play the lead roles in this modern take on a horror flick. Manohar(Madhavan) moves in with his family to a newly purchased apartment called the 13B and strange things start happening. They see that TV plays a soap opera that shows the occurrences of the future of the family. This spooks Manohar who does not believe in ghosts and the supernatural. Manohar becomes obsessed with the soap opera which mirrors his life. He comes to terms with an assailant trying to kill the entire family in the soap opera and finds every way to stop that.

5) Raaz Franchise

raaz movie

The Raaz and Raaz Reboot have been directed by Vikram Bhatt. The original plot is about a supernatural spirit that gets awakened when a bunch of college students goes for a picnic inside a forest in Ooty. It kills everyone and is now waiting to haunt Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu who go to the hotel in Ooty to salvage their relationship. They plan to go to the same cottage where they spent many romantic days. But they experience strange screams in the back from the forest and things take a scary turn.

Mohit Suri directed the Raaz: The Mystery Continues and these stories are not connected. The movie stars Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. It is a plot about superstitions and angry spirit that returns to show the truth. The entire Raaz franchise is spook in its own right and sends scars to the viewers watching it.

6) Pari

pari hollywood movie

Pari is a supernatural horror cult that depicts the concept of Satanic cult that is followed in Bangladesh by the name Ifrit. Ruksana(Anushka Sharma) plays the innocent victim of this cult where women are impregnated by the spirit of Ifrit to promote their bloodline. This makes Ruksana fearful of religious things.

Professor Qasim Ali(Rajat Kapoor) has a group that spots Ifrits and kills them and has been shut down for this reason. Arnab(Parambrata Chatterjee) runs a printing press and on his way own discovers a woman chained inside a hut and later learns that she belongs to a satanic cult. The movie is original in its plot has spoken about the underlying tale of how love heals even the evil-stricken and makes them human.

7) Bhool Bhulaiya

Bhool Bhulaiya

Akshay Kumar plays the psychiatrist who cures Avni(Vidya Balan) who gets possessed when she visits the ancestral home of her husband in Rajasthan. The house in which they stay has a history of two lovers being separated and Avni is possessed by dance Manjulika ghost who was a dancer in the court of his husband’s ancestor. Siddharth(Akshay Kumar) is called to cure Avni using a blend of modern and esoteric techniques. Finally, the spirit of Manjulika leaves her body and she reunites with her husband.

8) Ragini MMS

ragini mms

This is based on the found footage style horror flick. Uday and Ragini are a couple who want to spend a dirty weekend at their friend’s farmhouse. To their horror, they find that the house is surrounded by cameras and is filming them. Their love-making is interrupted by a malevolent Marathi speaking entity who turns their lives around and does not let them leave the farmhouse. The movie stars Rajkumar Rao as Uday.



This is a winner in the Bollywood horror movie genre based on Indian folklore about a female spirit attacks men when they are alone and robs their clothes. Shraddha Kapoor plays the Stree, the spirit that attacks men in the movie. There are humor and spine chilling moments alternatively in this movie that keep you entertained as well as send their dose of spooks. Stree is a spirit that abducts men in the night in the town of Chanderi and keeps them hostage. The movie has a strong message about women empowerment and how respecting women leads to the progress of society.

10) Ek Thi Daayan

Ek Thi Daayan

Bobo(Emraan Hashmi) is a popular magician with a disturbing past and is married to Tamara(Huma Qureshi). Tamara discovers about his disturbing past when she follows him to his old house and opens the trunk of secrets that have disturbing secrets about his dead sister Misha. This movie is about sorcery, good vs evil and how one has a choice to choose from both as we have both the forces within us.

We hope you liked our collection of best bollywood horror movies. Kindly comment below of we have missed any movie to add in the list.