The traveling has now become an adventure. People love to explore the world. This increases not only their knowledge but also the way to interact with other people living in various creeds and diversities, across the globe.

Now the question arises that which airlines offer which type of services and deals with the facilities promised from the airline in their best way?

So, randomly I’ve made a few choices of destination point keeping the start station to one. The destinations always are quite in the hype and are always on the list of travelers.  Here they are Paris, London, Sydney, Madrid, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, and Tampere. Let’s see with one of these destinations set, how the flights’ fare and discount deals if any available vary.

The start point of every journey I’ve randomly assumed to be Chicago in Illinois with air terminal code ORD, from the country U.S.A.; considering a single person with age greater than 18 years. Moreover, the trip is one-side, is another assumption.

One more thing offers and the deals while booking keep on changing with respect to real time. At one point in time, there may be ‘x’ number of deals but after 15 or twenty minutes searching, the number might up and down by a constant number.

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1) United Airlines

United Airlines

Let’s start with the best ones, and these are with at least two stops on the way. The duration of the stay varies from airline to airline. So, here they are:

With the price tag deal in the bracket 3,000 to 3,500 USD, the travel is 8 hours and 10 minutes long. The flight comes with no stop on the way.

Here you can get the discount if you have a promotion code or the United Airlines Coupon but only if you are booking the flight from official airline portal. You can get ample of deals and services from this official portal like renting cars, vacation packages, veterans Advantage discount. You can also earn Miles points.

2) British Airways

British Airways

The airlines offer 66 pounds on all flights as per British Airways promotion code 2019. The offer is confined to the Executive Club members only. The discounts are available on the selected destinations only like Bangkok, New York, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Santiago de Chile, London, or Dubai.

One can conveniently enjoy the after-flight experience with a rental car service. Earn up to 120,000 Avios on their Visa Signature Credit Card and use them on your next booking with a discount. One can even travel to four cities that are not in your list while one is on multi-city vacation; gather the destinations, hotels, or car rentals.

For more information check British Airways.

The fare costs around 2000 USD with one or no stop to London with air terminal code LHR. The flight duration is 7 hours and 50 minutes.

3) American Airlines

American Airlines

To explore Sydney from Chicago, the flight takes 25 hours and 35 minutes of the approximate time with two stops to reach the destination. You spend around 1500 United States Dollars on the flight. If there is a one-stop, the time window reduces to almost 21 hours and 47 minutes.

Talking from the services point of view then like the two above this airline also offer the same services, they have the provision of Admiral Clubs. The members can relax, satisfy their appetite, and can take a shower to feel fresh after the long route travel.

Discounts and deals are again are totally dependent upon the Miles and promotion codes if one has.

4) Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

If you are a fan of football, then Spain has no match. Madrid is the place you want to see apart from football. Traveling with them will consume 11 hours. The flight comes with one stop at Dublin and with a fair cost of approximately 800 to 900 US dollars.

After spending this money what one gets is reasonable and even pleasing. You’ll enjoy the in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, Boutique, some health benefits too. Along with this if you are traveling with kids, then they manage to keep calm the kids with toys, gifts, and meals.

This part is hilarious; they’ll not tie you to the seats but also allow you to move on board to get rid of jet lag; move nearby and make yourself comfortable. Not only this but also they provide ear care, eye care, skincare, body care, and some beverages to wet the throats.

Visit the homepage for more information.

5) SAS Airline

 SAS Airline

The travel journey from Chicago(ORD) to St. Petersburg will cost around 700 to 3000 US bucks. The lower expense rate comes with its small unliking that is the flight reaches the destination point after two stops. The first stop is at Copenhagen (CPH) and the second at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) located at Sigtuna Municipality in Sweden.

The services offered here are limited, countable. You can have food and beverages, entertainment, and wi-fi to do the essential work. Moreover, the flight is too long consuming 33 hours and 10 minutes, but the one with a single stop will land you in 14 hours and 15 minutes time span.

6) Air Canada

Air Canada

The flight from Chicago (ORD) to Shanghai (PVG) costs from 700 to 1100 U.S. currency. The flight takes almost 20 hours with one stop at the Canadian airport Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau (YUL).

The airlines offer nine deals with a different price range depending on vendor to vendor.

The premium economy class offers some large chairs with the availability of 96.5 cm to stretch yourself. The airline has future-tech for entertainment with the provision that one can take home the earphones they offer in-flight if one likes them. Readers can enjoy enRoute magazine reading, and wine and spirits with premium quality cuisine.

Medical with flight doctors, children facilities, and time flight upgrades from economy to higher class are some of the additional facilities available with Air Canada.

The discounts are offered from location to location or destinations as if you are traveling domestically then you can have from 190 USD to 405 USD, but this factor is decided by the destination point. The same rule holds for the Sun, U.S. and International traveling.

7) Icelandair


To see a place like Tampere in Finland from Chicago one needs to loosen his pockets in the bracket 1500 to 2000 USD. The flight takes 12 hours and 55 minutes to complete the one way with two stops on the way. The prime stop is at Reykjavik Keflavik and the second at Stockholm Arlanda.

The deals are limited, with two vendors, one is Hop2, and the other one is the official one ‘Icelandair.’

To offer discounts the airline has a time window to avail for both the economy as well as Saga Premium ones. Again the discount policy is entirely dependent upon the destination.

Final Say

On the whole, the story ends on one point, throughout the article the factor — service delivery was the same of every airline stated above with one or two modulations. The key aspect of discount and deals kept on revolving around one point, i.e., ‘destination.’

So choose or book tickets wisely according to your preferences.