In recent times we have seem digital agencies coming up with unique ideas to promote their client’s venture so that they can get more reach and grab attention of people in easy way. For example Aircel cam up with a unique Hoarding Ad which shows a boat attached to it. Aircel wanted to say that Aircel’s network is so strong that you can sail right through it anytime.

Aircel’s Emergency Lifeboat Worth Rs. 2.5 lakh Stolen From Hoarding. Welcome To India

Aircel was giving away it’s boat for free to needy people during floods. Yes it is definitely a very helpful initiative

Aircel Emergency Lifeboat Stolen From Hoarding

Well this is real life and if you showcase something in india without protecting it, People are going to steal it and that is what exactly going to happen. someone stole an Aircel life boat worth 2.5 lakh rupees in Guwahati.

Well people are getting inspired by Mr A from Dhoom movie but dude stealing a life boat ? For what ?