At the age of 4, kids are usually seen watching cartoon network or playing computer games but Shayan Jamal is different as he has been selected as one of the batsmen to represent his school in the U-12 team.

UNBELIEVABLE! Shayan Jamal, 4-year-old boy selected to play for U-12 cricket team

His father was a club level cricketer and he revealed that Shayan never misses a cricket match on T.V and watches till the match is over. Noted cricket coach Uttam Bhattacharya is currently training this super kid cricketer. As soon as Uttam noticed the talent of this kid he admitted him to his cricket academy and trains him on a regular basis.

Uttam says “Shayan is a child prodigy a wonder boy. At a very small age Shayan bats well with proper techniques. The god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar could not understand cricket at the age of 4 Sachin ruled the world of cricket for almost 2.5 decades