10 African Looks that have become a Style Statement


Not many of you will be knowing that African dresses are a thing and knowingly or unknowingly we all support African looks in our regular lives. There are two types of African clothing one is traditional African clothing and other one is modern African clothing popularly known as African fashion. African fashion styles are getting more diverse and beautiful with time, and one can create stunning looks with these styles. There are various types of African dresses that you can support and set yourself apart from the crowd.

10 African Dresses that have become a Style Statement

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It is one of the names for a flowing wide sleeved robe. It can be worn by both males and females. It can be teamed up with a pair of trousers. Boubou is mostly worn by males in Africa earlier but now is a worldwide trend. So shout out to all the guys out there who are ready to flaunt that perfect African look.


The female version Boubou is a Kaftan. Well, it is one of the most popular African styles. Not many of you will be knowing that our very own Kaftan belongs to African style. It is a loose-fitting pullover with V-shaped or round collar and mostly has embroidered neck. Support that perfect African look this time whenever you are planning to wear a Kaftan. It looks best with a pair of leggings/trousers and a pair of pumps.

Kaba and Slit 

Be it a day or beach wedding, you are surely going to dazzle in a Kaba and Slit. It is a long wraparound skirt with a matching blouse that is made using African wax print or cloth. You can accessorise your look with a vibrant head band/head tie and complete your look with a pair of complementing footwear.

Head Tie 

Almost every fashionista has one head tie in her accessory collection. Head tie is also known as gele in Africa. Africans use it complete in their African dresses. However, you can always experiment when it comes to accessorising.


It is a short, brimless, and rounded cap worn by a lot of people in West Africa earlier but now is creating a buzz round the world. You can complete your winter look by donning a kufi cap and you are sure to fetch bunch of compliments from everyone.


Agabada is a traditional men’s clothing in Africa which was introduced as fashion clothing for women. Earlier a trend in Africa, Agbada is now creating a buzz round the globe. Agbada is available is many prints and patterns. You can pick one according to your mood and pair it according to the occasion and get ready to be the center of attraction.


Vibrant prints and eye-catching colour combination, is the best way to describe a Dashiki. Humongously popular among the Africans, Dashiki has managed to make a mark in the fashion world. A Dashiki is so diverse that it can be worn be both formally as well as informally. The informal version of Dashiki is more popular round the globe compared to the formal. So, if you want to support that dapper African dresses you know what to wear guys!

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With its origin being Africa, Wrapper is garment that has managed to grab the attention of all the ladies worldwide. It started from wrapper skirts but now there are different types of skirts, dresses and tops. It has both formal and informal versions. You can pick any of the wrapper and pair it as per the occasion and support that classy African dresses.

Ankara Prints

After clothing one of the most important African contributions to the world of fashion has to be Ankara prints. Ankara print is also known as African wax prints is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. This type of prints works equally well with both: evening dresses as well as casual wear. So pick your outfit as per your requirement and carry this African dresses with grace by accessorising it right.

Ghana Prints

Originated from Africa, Ghana prints have managed to make a mark round the globe. Confused on what type and pattern of dress to wear so that you are able to grab everyone’s attention? Well, now you do have the answer. All you have to do is to pick up the right type of dress with Ghana print and accessorise your look according to the occasion.

So these were the top 10 African looks that you can try to support a distinctive look. Be ready upgrade your wardrobe with some of the latest African fashion styles by grabbing your hands on all of them and see compliments flowing your way.

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