10 tips to apply face makeup that will make you look flawless


Applying face makeup may seem like a daunting task for newbies. With so many components, applying face makeup is an art in itself where you are the painter and the canvas. With so many components and so many techniques, face makeup may seem tedious. The art of perfecting a flawless face makeup is not hard once you know a few tips and tricks.

Here are 10 tips to apply face makeup that will make you look flawless

  • Clean Your Face

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Before applying face makeup, make sure that you wash your face and remove all the remnants of any previously applied makeup. If you apply fresh makeup on old makeup then it will look caked on. Use a good quality face cleanser which won’t damage your skin. after washing your face, exfoliate it to remove any dead cells from your skin. Use small and circular motions in an anti-clockwise direction to scrub your face. Gently rinse with warm water and pat dry.

  • Use Makeup Primer

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Several people skip using a primer before applying makeup. If you want your makeup to be flawless then a primer is a must-have. Applying primer ensures that any makeup you put lasts long. To look flawless in your makeup all day, you need to make sure that your makeup stays on. Primer smoothens wrinkles and also covers up acne, pores, scars, etc. Use your fingertips to apply the primer on your face. You can use a brush for areas around your eyes and nose. Gently massage the primer on your face with your fingertips.

  • Pick The Right Foundation

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Foundation is the essential element to cover the flaws, make your skin tone even, and to hide all blemishes. Not many are blessed with naturally flawless skin. Several of people have acne, freckles, sunburns, blemishes, pigmentation, and uneven skin tones. Using a foundation will make your skin look clear and flawless. You need to consider your skin type and skin tone before picking out the right foundation. Pick a foundation which is close to your skin color. You can use a brush or a sponge to apply the foundation evenly on your face and neck. If you are wearing an outfit with a plunging neckline then apply some foundation on your chest as well.

  • Use a Concealer

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Concealer is applied to hide the darkness around the eyes. It also helps in highlighting certain facial features like cheekbones or forehead. If you have dark circles around your eyes then you should use a concealer which is a shade or two lighter than the foundation. If you do not have dark circles then you should use a concealer of the same shade as your foundation. Apply a concealer on your face using either a brush or your fingertips. Focus on the areas where you have age spots or blemishes. Blend the concealer well with the foundation to make your makeup look professional. Blending the concealer around the edges will ensure a flawless look.

  • Use Finishing Powder

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Many times, people shy away from using loose powder because they feel that it will make the makeup look heavy. Using finishing powder is important because it sets the foundation and concealer. It also makes your face looks less shiny. If you have oily skin, then finishing powder is a blessing for you. If you have dry skin then you can apply a little finishing powder with the help of either a brush or a powder puff. Matte finishing powders are considered perfect. If you are going to apply eyeshadow then this powder will help you in achieving a smooth look.

  • Highlight

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The humble highlighter has diverse roles to play in decking you up. It takes up more than just one responsibility to accentuate your features and display your natural beauty. Using highlighter around your eyes will give you a more awake and inviting look. If you want to look younger, then you should definitely use a highlighter. For pale skin tones, pink shades of highlighter are recommended. Use a foundation brush to apply the highlighter. Use the highlighter in moderation. You may end up with a greasy and tacky look if you apply too much highlighter.

  • Contour

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Contouring is just the opposite of highlighting. While a highlighter acts as a cover for the flaws, contouring is used to accentuate your features. Contouring takes skill and practice. Make it a point to not go overboard with contouring because it will give a trashy look. Practice playing with lighter and darker shades to enhance the facial features. Use a contour of a cool shade and blend it well to avoid a patchy look. Know where to contour and focus on the areas you want to draw attention to. Map your face according to the shape of your face.

  • Use a Bronzer

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Applying a bronzer perfectly is no rocket science. A bronzer not only helps in making your skin have a healthy glow but it also gives you a sun-kissed look. Bronzers are not expensive and they are also easy to apply. Pick a bronzer which is a shade or two darker than your skin color. People with oily skin should use powdered bronzers. They should stay away from liquid and shiny bronzers. People with dry skin should use cream based bronzers. Use a soft, wide and rounded brush to apply the bronzer. Blend the bronzer with a fresh unused brush.

  • Apply Blush

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Blush makes your cheeks pop. Just a little blush will give you a younger and healthier look. Be wise while choosing the shade of your blush. Mastering the art of blushing depends heavily on your face shape. The most common way to apply blush as face makeup is through sucking in your cheeks and highlighting your cheekbones using the blush. It makes your face look more angular. And your cheekbones look high.

  • Lipstick

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Choosing the appropriate color of lipstick means half the battle is already won. Chose a shade that complements your skin tone. For a natural look, choose a shade similar to the color of your skin, while for a bold look, opt for a contrasting color. Before applying lipstick, ensure that your lips are hydrated and moist. Apply a coat of lip balm or vaseline. Do not forget to use a lip liner too!

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