The teaser of the highly talked about movie Adipurush presenting pan-India celebrity Prabhas along with Saif Ali Khan was released last month. In the initial look of the massive movie relying on Ramayana, we witnessed Prabhas playing Raghava, Saif Ali Khan portrayed as Lankesh, Kriti Sanon as Janaki, and Sunny Singh playing Lakshmana.

However to the disbelief of the audience’s expectations, the initial look of the movie missed out on luster. Viewers came across a few of the disastrous visual effects Bollywood has in its entire life produced in this 1-minute 46 seconds duration teaser. Additionally, Saif’s look was also widely criticized and disregarded.


As of today, According to the current claims of Kamaal R Khan (KRK), the filmmakers of Adipurush are putting in about a mind-boggling Rs 50 crores to entirely change the look of Saif’s look as Lankesh. And it is because of this that, the budget of the film has now heightened to Rs 600 crores.

In his tweet, KRK posted in Hindi, “As per reports, director Om Raut has cut 50 minutes of run time and Adipurush is now only 2-hour-long. The remaining stills will witness the changed look of Saif. They’ve spent 50 crores on that. What would even be left after the deduction of 50 minutes? The budget is also now 600 crores.

As per some other reports shared on different social platforms, Adipurush, which was supposed to be released on January 12, 2023, has now been shifted to April 2023.

Adipurush Director Om Raut Is Changing Saif Ali Khan’s Look After Receiving Criticism, Budget Increases By 50Cr

To make matter worse, the makers of Adipurush claimed to depict the Islamisation of characters. Saif appeared more like a Mughal ruler in the teaser than like Lankesh. Many popular celebrities like Mukesh Khanna, Dipika Chikhlia, and Sunil Lahri criticized the type of treatment that legendary characters from Ramayan got in the not yet released flick.

Additionally, various legal notices were also charged against the makers of Adipurush for the Islamisation of this sacred and mythological drama.