Summer Styles 2022: 9 Chic Women Slipper for Uber-Cool Summer Look

The spring breeze flurries past and the summer sun shines upon us with its sweltering radiance. It signals that we come out of the winter hibernation and get geared for the summer sun. To have all your systems go right before the season arrives, we suggest nine voguish women slippers trends for all the pretty women to begin their summer slipper haul today and flaunt their feet in style.

9 Trendiest Women Slippers for the Perfect Summer Look

Trendiest Women Slippers


Flip-flops are one of the most common footwear in the women’s slippers category. They are recognised by a Y-shaped strap that begins at the front and ends at the slide. In the blazing heat of summer, flip-flops are the best choice to keep your feet ventilated.

Wearing leather flip-flops is recommended as they look chicer and are breathable and comfortable. Flip-flops perfectly blend with all kinds of outfits. They can be stylishly paired with long pants, flared pants, or skinny jeans.

Cut-Out-Flats Sandals

Flats are another minimalist yet dashing footwear in the women’s slippers category, a must-have for the summer. These comfortable daily wear slip-on give a classic bohemian look while keeping your feet well-ventilated. These ladies’ sandals especially go well with outfits that end just above the ankle bone.

Strappy Sandals

Strappy flat ladies’ sandals are an indispensable choice for summer getaways –– a practical and stylish solution to giving your feet comfort and breathability in the summer heat. They’re incredibly flexible and are a perfect ensemble for casual and exquisite looks. Pair these women’s slippers with jeans and a blouse for a casual look. You may also pair it with a long maxi for a glitzy effect.


Wedge heels are perhaps one of the most comfortable styles of heels, thanks to their solid outsoles and stable support. They add a modest, feminine touch while being quite comfy. It’s also an ideal summer shoe, whether you’re out shopping in the streets or heading to the beach to soak up some sunshine. They go with almost all outfits, be it jeans, trousers, maxi dresses, skirts, swimwear, or a jumpsuit. They are, therefore, the ladies sandal women must own.


If a colourful bohemian look is a thing that turns you on, then match your summer outfits with a pair of classy mules. In the category of women’s slippers, flat mule loafers are a must-have. For a gorgeous and posh look, mix a pair of flat mules with your favourite pair of slim jeans. However, it doesn’t just end here! When paired with black pants, this footwear brings minimalistic charm and sophistication to your personality.

Open-Toed Sandals

Open-toed sandals are impeccable for uber-cool footwear for the warm weather. They keep your feet exposed and aired. These pairs of ladies’ sandals are best suited for weddings and informal getaways. Match them with a pair of jeans or a con-dress to exhibit your style.

Slide Sandals

Slides, which were once only worn at the pool, have now acquired the title of summer’s all-encompassing sandal. Culottes, a knotted shirt, and a belt bag make the ultimate off-duty weekend ensemble while pairing them with a light linen co-ord says, “I just landed in Monaco.”

If you thought slides were reserved for summer, think again: the new fashion laws allow you to wear patterned socks and sandals in the fall. These ladies’ sandal women are ideal for a cosy walk or if you want to run some quick errands.


Clogs have recently become summer’s most popular footwear option. These sandals are a must-have in a women’s summer wardrobe for casual outings. They’re quite relaxing and easy to walk in. You can wear them with high-waisted jeans to tailored ensembles and lounge dresses. Do not miss experimenting with quirky looks, bright colours, or animal-inspired designs.


Sliders are flip flops featuring a large strap, primarily made of rubber, over the front half of the foot. But with changing trends, these women’s slippers are now available in different materials and styles. Sliders are outstandingly comfy, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off, ideal for summers. These sandals are extremely adaptable and may be worn with various outfits, including jeans, shorts, and slip dresses, striking a perfect balance between style and comfort.

Final Thoughts

As the summer sun is almost on the way, it is time to ditch the chunky winter boots and get some floaty slippers on. This summer, women’s slippers fashion is taking a turn with a wide range of chic flats, sliders, mules, and espadrilles. The vibrant hues of these slip-on brighten up the mood and add freshness to your wardrobe ensemble. Not only this, these women’s slippers are super comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear, all of which make them the perfect choice for the summer season.