Many people don’t travel, not because they don’t want to or like to travel, but because they perceive that traveling is expensive. This thinking is even more common among students living on a budget and looking for ways to cut down their cost of living. However, being a student shouldn’t stop you from living life and exploring the world if you love to travel. The lack of funds is usually the excuse, but traveling isn’t as expensive as we make it out to be. Also, there’s the possibility of making money during your trips, so you have no excuse.

Make Money in Trip

There are several avenues for students to make money while traveling, and many of them are unexplored. One of the biggest advantages of remote work is how it allows you to travel the world while working and making money. In this article, we’ll discuss several remote work options that allow you to live your traveler life as a student without fear of running out of funds.

1) Virtual Assistant

You can make money working as a virtual assistant while traveling the world. This is one of the most suited jobs for a student traveler. There are also numerous online platforms to get openings for this job, such as Upwork. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of such openings. Many people need virtual assistants to help them organize their lives, from emails to social media, data capturing, and booking flights. So, this is an ideal career option for you if you’re a well-organized person. You don’t need a degree to land this job. You just have to prove that you have the required skill to get things done appropriately and on time.

2) Freelance writing

If you have your way around words and often write for its fun, you should consider monetizing it. As a student, you have to get used to writing mainly due to the several essays and assignments you have to write. While some students outsource it to online writing services such as do my assignment platform, others write them by themselves because they’re good enough. If you’re one of these people with natural writing talent, you should consider writing for others as a freelancer. This ensures you have enough money to take care of yourself and travel as much as possible.

3) Social media manager

social media manager

People spend a lot of time on social media these days, and you probably do the same. You can monetize your time on social media by applying for jobs as a social media manager. This is an excellent way to make free money in your spare time. You help people and companies manage their social media platforms, and they pay you for it. So, you’re getting paid for being online, making posts, replaying comments, etc., that you do every day already.

4) Teach English

English is a language in demand, so if you’re a native speaker and a good enough teacher, you can make money teaching the language while traveling around the world. You don’t even have to be a native speaker if you have a degree. Depending on your country, you may require a three-year degree, while some others allow you to teach if you have a TEFL certificate. The good thing is, you don’t have to stay up to a year in a location to do this. You can teach English online. This means you can travel around the world and teach people from anywhere.

5) Web development

Web development is a very marketable skill in the world right now. Almost everyone needs a website now, so it doesn’t require much job hunting to get your first clients. Another advantage to this job is that many companies prefer to hire remote web developers because it’s cheaper and the person can work from any location in the world. You can learn this skill from several platforms if you’re interested but lack the skill currently.

6) Photography and videography


If you have a passion for photography and are good with visual storytelling, you should consider monetizing it during your travels. The good thing is that several companies search for talented photographers. For instance, you can make money by doing product shots for businesses and creating videos of their products. This will help you raise money to fund your travels.

There are also websites such as Shutterstock that you can sell your photographs on, such as Shutterstock. This may not give you quick money, but it’s a decent way to make passive income.

7) Graphic designer

There are several tech skills in demand currently, and graphic design is one of them. It’s also a job that you can do remotely, so it doesn’t affect your travel plans. Almost everyone needs a graphic designer, companies and businesses need logos and other design elements, and you can deliver all of these without stepping into an office. There are also several online platforms and courses for you to learn and improve your graphic design skills at affordable prices.

8) Work at a hostel

This isn’t a remote job, but it’s a job for travelers that you can explore. Hostels tend to hire travelers worldwide to fill several positions on a short-term basis. It may be a skill exchange for a meal or free room, but you get paid per hour in many cases. There are online platforms that allow you to sign up for this. You’ll add your skill, country of preference, and you’ll see a list of vacancies worldwide. It may not pay you as much as you want, but it allows you to cut down on your travel cost.


Being a student shouldn’t stop you from traveling, especially if the excuse is a lack of funds. There are several jobs you can take that allow you to travel and fund your movement, and some of them are discussed in this article.