Apple wants more and more corporate people to use the Apple’s latest phone iPhone SE and has made a very attractive offer in which you can rent iPhone SE for Rs 999 a month for two years.

Apple has also announced exciting offers to it’s existing iPhones (6 and 6s) on similar rent plan for two years respectively at Rs 1,199 and Rs 1,399 a month. The offer was advertised in the main stream print media is aiming at attracting more enterprise users to use Apple iPhone. You can even grab this offer on on all iPad models also.

Find Apple iPhone SE Expensive ? Now You Can Rent It For Rs 999 A Month

The good news is that corporate users can anytime move from one iPhone to another and they can pay change in monthly fee as per the model.  Apple has been using this scheme since one year but now it has increased india focus as more and more users are now switching to smartphones and Apple has not seen any demand for the new phone since the launch of iPhone SE in india on April 8.

What do you think about this offer ? will it increase the demand of iPhone SE in india ?