Do you often face the fear of a blank page? Does it take you a long time to write a text, but it still doesn’t look perfect? If you want your writing skills to get better and the process of working on your text to be less excruciating, then this article is for you. We asked for advice from, a writing service that knows the ins and outs of writing.

7 Writing Tips You Can Use Today

Write in short sentences

Don’t try to make all sentences short; use them to break up the text. Are you interested in reading a ten-line sentence? I highly doubt it. Your readers will be, too.

Also, short sentences grab the attention of your readers. They’re more comprehensible, and reading the article becomes easier and more enjoyable. And you want your readers to feel comfortable.

Use thesaurus

Have you noticed that you use the same word over and over again? Or can’t express your idea? Use a synonyms dictionary and make your text more varied.

However, it’s essential not to overuse it. Do not replace simple and clear words with three-story abstruse constructions. For sure, you should not use a thesaurus for every word in the sentence.

Stay ruthless while editing

Editing is an essential step in writing. The main goal is to bring the text to perfection. Don’t get attached to your drafts. Do not leave the text just because you feel sorry to delete it.

You should be honest and unbiased. Eliminate buzzwords, worthless phrases, and shorten long sentences. Remember that every brilliant text has hours and sometimes days of careful editing behind it.

Stick to one topic

When you start writing, it’s tempting to talk about everything. Give out as much content as you can at once. And if you find such volumes easy to grasp, your readers will find it difficult to understand what the text is about.

Remember the main rule of writing: each text should have only one topic. Even if it is a 5-page essay, you will cover just one idea, right?

Has something interesting come to your mind? Is it relevant to the topic you’re currently writing about? If not, put the idea aside for the future and reveal it in a new text.

Use active voice

English style guides recommend avoiding the passive voice because it complicates sentences, making them harder to understand. However, it’s impossible to avoid it all the time. Try not to overthink and keep a text natural.

Be specific

Everyone is already tired of blurry and feeble information. Of course, you don’t need to go into great detail, but you do need to be clear. No one is no longer interested in reading texts with clichés and repetitive phrases. Tell your audience facts and stories that can resonate in their souls and make them want to keep reading.

Explore your audience

We write any text for a specific audience. It could be an admissions committee, magazine readers, Instagram subscribers, or scientists at a conference. Either way, you have to speak the same language as your audience and adapt your texts to new readers. Even if you write an article on the same topic, but your audiences are drastically different, you must customize your texts in terms of vocabulary and content.


Enhancing your writing skills requires lots of practice — in reading, writing, and even watching movies. We hope that our simple tips will simplify your life and make the writing process more enjoyable.