Delhi Ki Hu Yaad Rakhna !

Delhi girls have already been centre of attraction, haven’t they? They’re just termed as the typical delhi girl for no reason, but these 7 tips why datIng a delhi girl is the best thing will change your mentality :

#1. She is what she is, will never pretend and above all proud of herself.

#2. She has that confidence that will make you go on a war against her (not literally). But at the end she impresses you and you have no choice but to accept it.

#3. Delhi girls have a panache sense of fashion. It’s  just like they are the best when it comes to carrying yourself.

#4. You are not searching for a partner who act like your shadow? Delhi girls are way chilled out, the ideal girlfriend you are looking for. 😛

#5. It just can’t end without partying. Delhi girls are the bomb of party animals and with their crazy plans, even you would be tempted to join them.

#6. Food is just mecca for delhi girls. They will eat to the core, but at the end they know how to maintain their figures like an hourglass by shedding those extra calories effortlessly .

#7. Error 404 ! No substitute found for these alluring girls. Way to Go !