India is such a huge country with a large population. There’s not 1 similar kind of food that you will find in all parts of India. India has an uncountable number of dishes from all the regions. All the dishes have so much flavor and we love to use herbs and spices. We all love our food and nothing can beat the Indian taste. But with great power comes great responsibility, right? So, here are 7 things that we all have experienced with our food.

1) The very Hot Roti

Your mummy is cooking a delicious meal for you; but you have been so hungry, you keep drinking water till the meal is cooked (Since mum tells you to wait just for a little more time every time you ask her, “Mummy Khanna kab banega?!”). Finally, the food is ready and is served HOT in your plate. You gather all your patience and wait a little more, moving the food around so that the hotness reduces; and then comes the HOT roti! You lose your patience and put a bite in your mouth and your tongue burns. Bad day huh?

2) The Elaichi in Biryani

You are waiting for the perfect chicken biryani for lunch and finally went you put it in your mouth and are savoring the tastes to the full; comes the elaichi, and the whole flavor bursts in your mouth, simply ruining the pleasure of eating the delicious biryani. As a matter of fact, many of you also hate cloves, black pepper or any other whole garam masala that comes in your mouth.

3) Golgappa is too big for your mouth

We all love golgappas or paani puris. I used to go out and eat them daily! And if there’s a large crowd, the vendor serves in such fast pace, that you literally have to gulp it down. And one of them just won’t fit whole in our mouth. One of the golgappa is so huge that even if you do put it in your mouth, you will not be able to chew it without looking like an idiot.

4) Too much of Coriander

I personally love coriander leaves. Even if it’s too much of it. I love it. But I’ve known people who absolutely hate it. They may consider it if it’s a small amount like just a little bit of green, but if it gets in their mouths too much, then don’t be surprised if they complain about the food.

5) A whole piece of Ginger in your mouth

You all must have had this experience of chewing a whole piece of adrak (ginger). And it is strong tasting, it just ruins the whole “indulging in your favorite meal” time, doesn’t it?

6) Quality of Roti depends on the dough quality

This is a tough one. I’ve learnt to make the perfect roti dough after one and a half year of experience. It’s like science. Only if the dough is perfect, then will your rotis come out soft like air. But if you mess up making your dough nicely then you’re rotis will be hard like papad.

7) Too much crackling of mustard seeds

While all or most Indian recipes start with the crackling of rai (mustard seeds) in hot oil first, it is important to measure the time and the level of hotness of oil for the mustard seeds to crackle perfect. Because if not and if it’s under crackled then its taste will become bitter or if it’s over crackled then too it will taste bitter. It is the same thing with hing (asafetida), you cannot keep it heating in oil for a long time, or it will ruin the taste.