Ever wonder there is an amazing history behind the thing that you eat? Do you every realize that the food that you put in your mouth has an effect on your body in so many ways. Below are the ten mind blowing facts that you might have never known about food.

1) Brown Bread is not always a healthy option


Yes, it’s a known fact that white bread is not healthy for your body. It doesn’t provide you with much nutrition and moreover other foods create more enzymes to digest the white bread. White bread also leads to constipation as it takes longer time to digest. So many of you believe that Brown bread is a healthier option if you really love eating bread. You should know then that most manufacturers do not use actual wheat to make the bread. Rather they use caramel food color to make the white bread brown. Some of them use wheat germ to make wheat bread. (Source)

2) Bottled water is not always a pure one



You think bottled water is pure and good for your health instead of tap water with all the impurities. But have you have wondered if it’s really true? About 40 % bottled water is actually regular tap water which may have not gone through any treatments to make it pure. In 2008, Federal Drug Administration tests two brands of mineral water if they contain any contaminants. Out of 170 contaminants, they found one contaminant in both brands that exceeded the standards. (Source)

3) Ready made Sushi is sour tasting


Fish starts losing its flavor as soon as it is cut. It oxidizes once exposed to air. Hence it’s always best to eat fresh fish. Now you know why storing your food and eating is later is not a good option, unless you are lazy and don’t like cooking every day. (Source)

4) Eating an alligator is healthy


Some of you may think this is crazy! But some people in the world eat Alligators. The meat is healthy for humans because it is low in calorie and contains vitamins such as phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12, niacin and monounsaturated fatty acids and it’s high in protein. So it’s good when you want to lose weight and also enjoy good meat. Don’t know if it’s legal worldwide, so make sure to check with the law before you plate it. (Source)

5) Popcorn Causes Cancer



Microwave popcorn contains perfluorooctanoic acid which is a likely carcinogen (it is a substance that causes cancer and the artificial butter in the packet contains chemicals that can cause lung damage. It’s better to have starve than have a bowl of microwave popcorn every Saturday night while watching a movie.

6) Dairy products cause Acne


As cow’s milk provides a lot of growth nutrients in their milk for their calves to be strong, these growth nutrients, IGF-1 growth hormone, is one of the reasons you have acne.

7) Chocolate was used as Currency


In ancient times, the Aztecs believed that Cacao seeds (from what chocolate is made) are a gift from the god of wisdom and it has so much value that they were used as currency in those times!

8) Fish Sperm is a delicacy in many parts of the world


Russians milt is picked and they eat it separately or combined with another fish. It’s a daily dish for them. In Japan, milt of various fish is a delicacy and in Sicily, milt is used as pasta topping. So make sure to know what you’re eating when you travel to an unknown land.

9) Tomatoes were considered poisonous


Up until 1800, tomatoes were considered poisonous. There was ketchup made up from berries, grapes, mushrooms but no tomatoes. People thought that if you ate a tomato, its poison would turn your blood into acid and they only used them for decoration around the house.

10) Popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old


Frank Epperson, left a cup of filled with powdered soda, water and a stirring stick on his sofa. Low temperature caused the mixture to freeze and the summertime staple was created.