Sindhis often get bored with some Non-Sindhi friends. As a result, they are faced with some unheard slang used by them. So here are 5 Sindhi Slangs most commonly used by a Sindhi.

1) ‘Matthe Jo Soor’

This means ‘A Headache’. That chit-chat person is a headache for you. ‘Matthe’ means Head, ‘Soor’ means Pain.

2) ‘Charyo’

This basically means ‘Mad’. This can be often confusing as it can be a bad way as well as a good way. If a girl says with a good smile, Don’t wait, The signal is something strong. xD

‘Charyo’ is for males while ‘Chari’ is for females.


3) ‘Vangad’

The basic Sindhi translation to this word is Brinjal but Sindhi uses this for ‘Ghanta’. Thus to end an unstoppable conversation Vanguard is the most used word.


This is the most loved word. Bhangi means Dirty but this is generally associated with a person. For like anyone didn’t have a bath, He is a Bhangi. The female version of this is ‘Bhangyani’. Girls hate to be called by this mind.

5) ‘Dhood Paye’

This is the Sindhi version of Fuck off. Whenever someone does not listen to one, after losing, in the end, one says D hood Paye in irritation to end.


So next time you find any Sindhi mate using these terminologies, You have the advantage of knowing the meanings. xD

You can even amaze them by using these terms in any day-to-day conversations as these are light slang.