7 Reasons Why Pune Is Better Than Mumbai


We all know that Pune and Mumbai are two cities that hold pride of Maharashtra. This two cities compliment each other than any other more than any other city in the country. Pune was once known as the education hub which offers lot more now. In past 2 decades Pune has attracted a lot of college students for higher studies and working professionals. It has been Debated a lot many times that which city is better. So today we have 7 Reasons Why Pune Is Better Than Mumbai.

1) Weather-Always pleasant

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You cannot debate on this as Pune has perfect climate to live in.The Gulabi Thand, summers and the rains make it a perfect place to live. Unlike Mumbai which has humid climate all day and at night also don’t get warm weather.

2) Traffic !

traffic jam in mumbai

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Yes the traffic is comparatively low and manageable as compared to Mumbai. If you are going for work in Mumbai then your commute time will be 3 hours daily. So basically you are wasting your 3 hours daily, whereas in Pune you can reach office in 15-20 minutes.

3) Greenery and Cleanliness

In Mumbai you will see very less greenery as there are a lot more commercial and private buildings. But in Pune is definitely cleaner and greener than Mumbai.

winters in pune

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4) Luxury of Personal Time & Space

7 Reasons Why Pune Is Better Than Mumbai

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Pune is cozy, Warm and relatively small city as compared to Mumbai which is very big so you can spend quality time with your family and friends only on weekend whereas in Pune you can saves a lot of time on travelling and can spend more time with family.

5) Cost of living and Real Estate is comparatively low

7 Reasons Why Pune Is Better Than Mumbai

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You cannot bargain because if you don’t buy it, many other people are ready to buy property as cost of living in mumbai is booming and it is one of the costliest city to live in India, For people who are starting a new life, Pune is more Affordable and Welcoming.

6) Very close to nature

pune very close to lonavala

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Proximity to Hill stations from Pune is very near. Hill stations are just 2-3 hours drive from Pune so you can enjoy the weekend with friends and family at Lonavala or khandala. Tere are lot many places to explore and so this give all Punekars something to cheer about.

7) Very peaceful and less crowded

pune Peaceful and less Crowded

On one side Mumbai offers different shades and diversity in life so it makes it more crowded and on other side Pune is less crowded so people prefer staying in Pune more.

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