If you are in this beautiful city then you should try outIIM-UUdaipur is one of the famous city of Rajasthan and the administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district of Rajasthan. This beautiful city is very popular for tourist destination and royal palaces and forts. Thousands of tourists visit Udaipur every year which includes maximum number of foreign tourists. In 2009 Udaipur was ranked best city in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine. Today we have 7 reasons why living in Udaipur is awesome.

1) Udaipur is a tinsel modern city with royal palaces surrounded with beautiful lakes.

taj mahal hotel in udaipur

You don’t get to see such heritage paces anywhere else in India. Water sports in lake is awesome.

2) Education Hub

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Do we need to say more about education when you have best School/Colleges of india in your city. Yes Udaipur has IIM-U, Janardhan Ray Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, M.L.S.U, Agriculture University and many more.

3) High Living Standard

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Udaipur has got it all, From modern trade centers to Malls to Good schools, hotels, restaurants and Hospitals with all facilities.

4) Transportation

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Travelling in and around Udaipur is very easy. It is not wide spread city and it only 5-7 Kms in radius so you can reach from one place to another in a very short time. Udaipur is also well connected to other cities and is just 250 Km away from Ahmedabad. Udaipur will soon have it’s own International Airport.

5) Food

vadodara street food

The food in Udaipur is very tasty, From street food to high profile restaurant, Udaipur has got it all. If you are in this beautiful city then you should try out Lala Ki Kachori, Ayad Ka Samosa, Circle ka Poha, Pandit ji ka Bread Pakoda, Delhigate ki Jalebi and many more.

6) Tourism

udaipur tourism

Udaipur is anytime favourite destination among Indian and Foreign tourists. You can spend some quality time with friends and family and chill at beautiful hotels, lakes, forts and many more.

7) It’s Safe

vadodara safest city in india

Udaipur is cherry on the cake when it comes to safety of girls as Udaipur is one of the safest city in India.