7 Reasons Why Dating A Pune Girl Is Awesome


Pune is charming and most lively cities to live across in India and it’s charm comes from non other than the lovely ladies of the city Pune. Today we have 7 Reason Why Dating A Pune Girl Is Awesome.

1) They mind their own business

baroda girls are pretty

Pune girls will never poke into your personal business as they have their own life so just chill and relax, Your Pune girlfriend will hardly interfere in what you do and which people you hangout with.

2) They are their own favourites

mai apni favourite hu dialogue jab we met

Pune girls are not at all insecure, With a Pune girl you will never have to worry about drama if you hangout with your female best friend or if you are closely attached to a girl.

3) They will never let you pay their bills

baroda girls are rich

Most of the Pune girls are either rich enough to pay their bills or they earn fat pay checks so they don’t mind spending money on people they love.

4) Their fashion sense is unparalleled

baroda girls fashion

Though Pune girls are not flashy as Delhites or Mumbaikars but they have their own unique style. Whether it is party dress, casual or chic,  they very well know how to kill with looks! They can carry anything from a shorts to a local saree.

5) They will never judge you

why do girls judge boys

She doesn’t care if you have friends from LGBT community or you earn less than her, It’s your personal choice and she won’t interfere until you don’t stop loving her.

6) They don’t fake, They are original !

baroda girls are original

A Pune girl is fearless and is not apologetic for what she is in real life. She may sleep till noon during holidays or She may skip a bath during a busy day buy she will never fake about anything and say she is perfect.

7) Sarcasm is their favourite language

baroda girls

They don’t need guns or swords to fight, they can kill anyone with their sarcasm and you will definitely love them for their witchy answers they give to people who try to bully them and act over smart with them.

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