7 Most Boring Sports to Watch


Playing Games is always so much fun but watching people play is pretty boring. This sports are very lazy to watch and you would prefer taking a nap instead of watching them. Most of this are Olympic sports. So today we have a list of 7 Most Boring Sports to Watch for you.

7) Billiards

This game is fun to play but it’s quiet boring when you watch people play


6) Gymnastics

People stretching, hanging, jumping, What is fun in watching that?


5) Sailing

Sailing For what? To prove that earth is round ? LOL


4) Golf

One of the most boring games unless your are a Golf player. Watch Golf for what ? watch the ball swing ?


3) Archery

 Do you watch Archery ? We don’t :p


 2) Canoeing

Canoeing could always be fun but watching and getting jealous ? No Ways


 1) Test Cricket

In the world on T20 cricket, you can easily fall asleep if you watch test cricket. 5 days of play is too much :p


If you know any  other games which are boring then kindly comment below and kindly share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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