Planning to dress properly on your first date can be daunting. We plan a lot before getting perfectly dressed and we always want to be the center of attraction.When going for a date and that too for your first date it’s mandatory to look fantastic, Because your first impression is your last impression. Today we have attractive Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date.

That begin said, even after knowing every thing about their first date I have seen people making mistakes while choosing the right Outfit.

So here are some cool Ideas for you to get noticed at first sight.

 7 attractive Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date

Let’s dive in.

Don’t Dress Like A Boy, Dress Like a Grown-Up

Guys usually dress like small teenagers to look funky and cool. The problem here is girls don’t feel that to be cool, instead, they consider it to be a childish thing.

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Moreover, with dressing like a Grown-Up, I don’t actually mean that you should dress like an old man or like your dad. If you aim to look well-dressed then you should aim to look mature. Maturity says it all. Girls love it when you are looking a class apart.

Because Maturity is an attractive quality of men. It’s like an asset to attract girls.

Don’t Wear Graphic Tees for a More Mature Look

You love Graphic tees right? Even I did. But, little did I knew that it created a man-child impression in front of others.

Do you want to kill me after reading the above?

Wait wait wait… before doing that read this and I bet you’ll start loving me more.

The reason I am against a Graphics tee is that girls find that to be a man-child style outfit.

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Let me ask you something? Have you seen any hero in movies who plays a serious role wears a Graphic Tee?

Go and search it out and tell me if you find any, that’s because all man who plays a serious role wears a Plain Tee rather than wearing a Graphics Tee. The guys with funny roles wear a Graphics tee.

Now if you want to be funny guy go ahead and wear a Graphic tee. The choice is yours.

Class Up Your Footwear

Don’t neglect your Footwear. It plays a very important role in your overall outfit.

You know a secret thing, boys? Girls notice your footwear a lot. In fact, I got a lot of appraisals regarding my footwear from girls.

Image Source: Styleoholic

Wear a black/brown leather shoes instead of normal sneakers and I bet you have already made a place in her heart. With proper Footwear sense, your overall outfit will look perfect and that is what girls are hunting for.

Hope you found our tips on attractive Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date helpful, Wait wait, We have more for you.

Decorate Your Wrists

Decorate your Wrists because a naked wrist is always boring. Girls like when a guy wears a Watch or a leather Bracelet. When you wear a watch it shows you care for your time and it creates a strong impact on her.

Image Source: iWatchau

Whether you wear a Watch or a leather Bracelet doesn’t really matter. But what matters is your personality with those decorative Wrists.

Wear a Jacket/Blazer

Adding a Blazer to your Outfit is a smart move. You actually are not coating yourself up, but instead, you are dressing smartly which obviously every girl love.

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With a simple Black/Blue colored Blazer on your regular Outfit will accentuate your frame like no other garment can and will sharpen your looks.

A blazer on your Outfit will make your class apart from all others who are struggling on their first date.

Ignore the Fashion World

A man who is searching for the latest trends to dress well will be fooled. Fashion trends are for those men who actually cares for real fashion.

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If you are a simple go to guy you should actually do the opposite to look amazingly sexy. Focus on getting classic clothes that will look good all year round. Focus on looking classy and stylish before you worry about looking trendy.

Layer Your Clothes

If you want to make a dull outfit look more interesting add a layer to it. Adding a layer to your outfit will only give a simple fix but the one seeing you will start getting more attracted towards you.

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If you like you can even wear two, three or sometimes four additional layers. The choice is yours.

Wrap Up

I hope you loved the secrets about attractive Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date which I shared with you. Let me know in the comments section how was your First date?

Peace out & don’t get serious.

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