He is Outgoing, Confident and has attitude unabashed I-Don’t-Give-A-Flying-Fcuk attitude. Yes, we are talking about none other than Ranveer Singh. He has taken fashion by storm by wearing crazy outfits with confidence at multiple events. Today we have list of 7 Quirky Outfits That Only Ranveer Singh Could Carry With Confidence

Quirky Outfits That Only Ranveer Singh Could Carry

1) Carrying floral print bandhgala and pointy shoes with confidence, Only Ranveer can do it in full power.

ranveer singh weird outfit

2) Ranveer became the center of attraction for everyone at the GQ Best Dressed Men Awards, He wore a t-shirt which had a superb statement which he strongly follows, with a red silk night gown along with muppets pyjamas.

We bet you will never find anyone in such an outfit except Ranveer Singh. He surely grabbed the attention of everyone, Even the people wearing Tux were not noticed as much as Ranveer was.

3) Biggest fashion disaster for many in the fashion industry, Hope they did not commit suicide after seeing Ranveer wearing the Prints on prints.

weird dressing ranveer singh

4) Did he just come out of a circus? He looks so colorful.

ranveer singh weird dressing sense

5) Swag wali Topi along with super prints all over, Ranveer Singh should indeed start a printing factory

6) Ranveer looks to be in a chilled out beach party mood. Oh my, his blue suit is so flowery

ranveer singh crazy outfit

7) A skirt with a swag, only Ranveer can carry it and raid the hotness bar.

ranveer singh wearing skirt

Please don’t get serious after viewing all these crazy quirky outfits of Ranveer Singh. He carries it with style and confidence. You would definitely look chomu in all these outfits.

Warning: Don’t try this at home, work or parties.

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