Mumbai the city of dreams is a place where you once visit, you feel like going their again and again And the local trains are the life line of Mumbai. Everyday thousands of people commute to their workplace in local train as travelling by road will take at lease couple of hours to reach your destination.

While travelling in local train, you feel hungry and the best option you have is to have a vadapav at the station or in the train but now you have one more option, IRCTC is planning to install pizza vending machines in 5 of Mumbai’s busiest railway stations.

The following stations in Mumbai will get Pizza vending Machine.

  1. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Kurla
  2. Mumbai Central
  3. CST
  4. Kalyan
  5. Andheri

The pizza vending machine will work exactly like ATM in Mumbai railway station’s. You need to insert the money and it click on the pizza you want to have, In 5 minutes your pizza will be ready and you can have it.

This Pizza Vending machine is already operational in Mulund and we really don’t know how someone is going to wait for 5 minutes in the crowded and most busiest station’s of Mumbai for a Pizza.

We have a similar video of Pizza Vending machine in Sorrento, Italy, check it out.