Men’s jewelry has been around for centuries.

Ancient Egyptians wore gold: Tutankhamun was the original Mr. T, and Roman senators were blingier than gangsta rappers. And each century had its own fads and styles.

Some Jewelry styles come and go as fast as a trending meme online.

But when it comes to specific items like chains rings and watches, well…some things just never go out of style. And online stores like definitely proves that point with their huge jewelry collection.

Timeless Pieces of Jewelry

Today we’ll explain why you’ll always need (and can never go wrong) with these 3 timeless pieces of jewelry. Let’s get into it.

1) Chain necklace

When choosing chain necklaces for men, always go with a high-quality type of metal.

Sterling silver is the popular choice for its shine, reasonable price, and versatility.

2) Men’s chain width

Choose a chain that fits your size. If you’re a slim guy, chains between 2mm and 4mm are perfect. If you’re large and have a thick neck, wider chains will look more proportional.

3) Men’s chain length

The length of your chain affects your overall style. Your style can also be affected by the type of shirts you wear.

Whether your chain sits on the outside of your shirt or hides underneath, know that each option will give you an entirely different look.

A good length range for men’s chains is anything from 16 inches to 32 inches.

Be sure to keep in mind that you should choose your chain according to your own height and size. Larger people will need wider and longer chain necklaces as compared to petite people.

2. Signet ring

The signet ring is probably one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry known to man.

Centuries ago, these rings would have initials or a family crest engraved into it. Today’s signet ring has moved beyond the traditional iconography and can now be used to represent anything.

These rings are designed to make a statement, and it can be a class ring or a ring passed down from generations.

3. Mens Watches

A watch, most surely, is a man’s single most important fashion accessory.

It’s much more than just a time-telling device – they’re a matter of style and prestige, and if taken care of, they can be passed down to generations forever.

So, while the other tons of things that you invest in will wear off eventually, a watch will stay with you, forever!


As our modern world progresses faster than ever before, it’s nice to be able to hold onto specific timeless items that remind you of the past and keep you grounded for the future.

Now that we’ve broken down the 3 timeless pieces of Jewelry every man needs. We gotta ask, do you own all three of these items? If not, you should.

An excellent overall rule for men’s jewelry: remember to match your metals. This means a gold watch should match the shade of your belt buckle, the embellishments on your shoes and the color of your ring. This is key to mastering a timeless put-together look.