Hardly any in number would deny on the fact that “once a Apple user will always be a Apple user, may what come” because the ease of using IOS is amazing that only a user can understand. It’s all hype created that IOS is very complicated and restricted to its users only and what not. It is like “koi saath de ya na de, apple kabhi barosa nai thodega”. Today we have 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple Watch

When after all the successful launch of all the iphone series, finally Apple had come up with iwatch which is basically a smartwatch that relies on wireless connectivity with the iphone to perform various default functions such as calling or texting and the main motive to launch this product is to use an iphone by using a watch.

So, here you go with some reasons of saving money from now to buy iwatch as soon as possible.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple Watch

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple Watch

The product is an icon

By winning the iF Design Gold Award on its release year itself i.e,2015 only. So, it clearly justifies it is and will be the most significant product to use. And the best part to know is that in the 1st year only the sales shoot up to around 20 million.

Distinctive design and technology

Till date there have been many attractive watches and smartwatches in the market but not all of them tempt the buyer to spend so much on a wrist watch. Yes, Apple watch tend to stand apart from other watches due to its unique design that has been designed to be the next generation iwatch just like how iphones did.

Having a unique way to connect to people

Where on one hand before its release, people had just the notion of iwatch to be another category of watch but gradually people got attracted to its new ways to connect with people that was when users can send their heart rate and communicate by sending small messages. And moreover, they can also answer calls, find their iphones and even get a control over Apple TV and iTunes.

A successful launch after the death of the father of Apple

Although it was a huge moment of grief when the world got to know the loss of Steve Jobs, who made a remarkable achievement for all. Iwatch was still a successful launch and people till date respect him and the product of his brand. It indeed feels great to buy something that is expected to the best of its own kind and any Apple user can proudly say it even to the next generation of users about why Apple watch and all its product so special.

An understanding to what upcoming era holds for smartphones

iPhones have actually served the people more his imagination like to replace it with the credit cards too. From its first release in 2007 till the start of 2017 now, one could feel where this future of smartphones will end up now by everytime giving to the people beyond its imagination a level of ease and perfection in its technology.