The infamous game of PUBG is haunting families of PUBG Players. Ever now and then, there is news of PUBG claiming someone’s life. This time, there is yet another incident where a person died while playing PUBG. Saurabh Yadav from Gwalior is the person, who was traveling in a train from Gwalior to Agra.

In order to kill his travel time, he was playing PUBG on his smartphone. Accompanying him, was his friend Santosh Sharma who works as a jeweler. Both of them were traveling in Swarna Jayanti Express. While playing, suddenly he got an urge to drink water.

Hence, he placed his hand in the bag to get the water bottle. Not knowing what is in his hand in the bottle, he simply drank the beverage in the bottle. After drinking the bottle, he felt a burning sensation inside his body. Therefore, he looked at the beverage inside the bottle and realized that he drank acid while playing PUBG.

He informed his friend, Santosh Sharma, about the mishappening. Both of them tried to get quick medical attention. But the train didn’t stop at the next station i.e. Dholpur. Hence, by the time when the train reached Agra, Saurabh was already dead.

Saurabh’s parents alleged that Santosh is responsible for his death. Hence, the UP Police arrested Santosh asking him for the purpose he was carrying acid on the train. He clarified that he is a jeweler and using acid is a part of his job to clean the jewelry.

To be the truth, neither Santosh nor the acid is responsible for the death of Saurabh. It is the addiction of PUBG which is causing real death! PUBG Players need to be attentive and think of their family before sacrificing their life on such a game!