India the land of Ancient history and human civilization has one more story to tell. Mahashta Mûrasi from one of the oldest cities in the world Benares claims to be 181 years old.

181 Year Old Man Alive In India

This old man claims that he was born in 1835 ( before India’s first battle of independence in 1857 and before the American Civil War was fought ). The most epic this is that Mr. Murasi’s proof of living in 1903 in Benares exists.

His friends and family are long gone, “Mr. Murasi says that death has long forgotten me” By profession Mr. Murasi was a cobbler and pursued his trade till 1957 and retired from work when he was 122 years of age.

Hoax or medical mystery, This story should not be difficult to decide. Apparently, the man’s documents and identity cards tend to confirm the story. But if it is true then why did this story din’t come out earlier.

We don’t feel that this story is a hoax and is true. What do you feel about it ?