7 Things You Experience When You Have A Sindhi Best Friend!


1. You Get To Be An Integral Part of A Sindhi Shaadi:

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This means endless decor, music, open bar, flashy clothes, FOOD… And Everything is super grand! Oh! and Sindhis end the rituals pretty quickly… So More time to drink and party with your Sindhi Best friend!

2. You Get To Savour The Delicious Sindhi Khana Every Now And Then!

sindhi mom

The loving Sindhi mom will have you sit down for Dal Pakwaan, kadhi- chawal, Koki, aloo took, sai Bhaaji, boondi- raitas!! A much needed change from the boring old ghar ka khana, no?

3. You Will Be Surrounded by Chamakdaar SWAG All Through The Year!

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Sindhis are known to be the most “blingy” families but that’s only cuz we manage to pull off those gorgeous lehengas and saris, coupled with some diamond here and there. If you got it, flaunt it right?

4. You Have The Most DilDaar Pal in Your Sindhi Best Friend!


Sindhis love living on a grand scale, totally enjoy every moment. And guess what? They can laugh about themselves too – no one knows how to take a joke like a Sindhi best friend does!! Probably, that undying spirit makes him your Sindhi Best Friend, right?

5. Money Problem? Not A Problem!

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If you ever land up in trouble, your Sindhi Best Friend will be the first to turn up with contacts and financial aid. Also, their money mindedness will come to your rescue if there are any confusions. “Ghaatey ka Sauda” does not exist in the Sindhi Dictionary. It’s only profit 😉

6. There is No “Awkward Silence” in The Equation:

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Sindhi guys and girls love to express themselves- everywhere- all the time! And why not? Also, You can also be as open as you want and they won’t judge you!

7. Perfect Fusion Of Desi And Modern, Masti and Sophistication!

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Your Sindhi best friend knows how to have a good time, and they will make sure you have it too! Moreover, if need be- they will sit down and convince you with all their philosophical knowledge. And, you will have to agree with them, no option there!

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