Many a time women have to face a lot of struggles while balancing in between their personal and professional life. Very often, the males think that women are only supposed to work for the well-being of the family and take care of kids. While in the present times this is not the actual case.

Women have started going out of the house and started working for the financial well-being of the family. Many people talk about Motherhood and the responsibilities associated with it. However, in mid of all this, we forget about the responsibilities of the Fatherhood.Your wife is Not Nanny of Your kids & Family. Treat Her With Respect!

“Can’t you see the kids are crying?”

“Why you didn’t take my mother to see the Doctor?” 

“You’re just required to take care of the home.”

All these are the common male dialogues expressing their attitude of being supreme. Do you even understand what a woman goes through after listening to these statements from their male counterpart? Because of these statements, a woman feels a chronic lack of self-esteem, a feeling of being overused, a lack of respect, and even falls prey to depression.

And when things go above the limit, it leads to the breaking of marriage, relations, and dreams altogether. Isn’t it a male’s responsibility to keep kids calm when they’re crying? Or to take care of his mother? Why women have held responsibilities without even giving a second thought?

Such kind of attitude is a result of that old, out-dated thought that a woman marries a man for resources like money and shelter and in return, she has to work, take care of his home, and do other things. However, the concept of marriage is actually based on three pillars i.e. Love, Respect, and Equality!

Males must understand the following four things for a successful marriage life!

1) Your Wife is not Your Employee, Neither a Caretaker of Your Home. She is actually your Family

Some males often treat their wives like they are an employee. Instead of giving them love, affection, feeling of care, time and respect, they expect the females to take care of things at home! It is actually the male’s responsibility to show respect towards her and her well-being. And if you’re doing it right, she knows how to take care of your entire family!

Always remind yourself, She is not here to serve. She is here to love!

2) Don’t Emotionally Abuse Her. She isn’t there to take orders from you!

Marriage is life balancing two wheels of a vehicle. She also has a brain, with her own thoughts. Your wife is your female counterpart and her ideas can be equally valuable to you. Therefore, you shouldn’t refrain from seeking her opinion on your day-to-day life. Don’t just place orders to her regarding doing the things. Instead, you shall lend your helping hand so that she effectively carries out whatever work she is doing.

3) She hasn’t become a Mother Alone. You’ve to own up to your Fatherhood and take care of your kids.

Taking responsibility for the kids isn’t only the mother’s job! The father is equally responsible for the well-being of their kids. Pushing only the wife towards taking care of the kids will not only make her feel inferior but also will leave a negative impression of a father on the kid’s mind. Instead, a Father and Mother shall be role models for the kids.

4) And before placing orders on her, Ask yourself. What you’ve done for her?

We humans always have an attitude of asking what you’ve done for me? However, we often need to think about what we have done for them? In case you don’t have ideas to determine how to treat your wife, then ask someone else that what they have done for their wife.

Walking down the road, or in day to day life, you will come across couples living happily. Learn from them how to communicate effectively with your wife, How to take care of her, her well-being, dreams, and desires. If you’ll do that right, she will be yours forever.

Hope these things are enlightening your mind towards the way, you must treat your wife! And always keep in mind,

“Marriage is a two-way love street, it doesn’t survive on ego and orders!”