Well, we all know that people follow others blindly and when we talk about blind faith, India ranks number one in every possible manner. From worshiping stones to animals, People worship anything and everything.

Recently a group of women took things way too seriously. They followed blind faith to the next level as these women worship Kangaroo dustbin outside temple in Bihar.

We are not bluffing, A video is going viral on the internet and doing rounds on social media which is catching attention of everyone.

Women Worship Kangaroo Dustbin Outside Temple

It is seen in the video that the yellow fiber-glass dustbin which is replica of the animal has become a shrine for the people visiting the temple. Devotees were seen offering flowers and pouring water into the bin.

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This video was uploaded by Mr Anil Thomas from Delhi. As soon as the video was uploaded on his wall, It went viral and since then the video has been shared by thousands of people of Internet.

Checkout the below Video that shows Women Worship Kangaroo Dustbin Outside Temple

Well, one thing is clear now, If we keep worshiping bin like this then we are surely going to make our city and town very neat and clean in the coming future.

The video was published on Internet on 28th of October and was retweeted by 1.7 thousand times on Twitter. However we don’t have any update on the incident at the moment.