Love to travel? Going on vacations? Traveling in other countries requires visa and passport as your identity and there are many places which provide the Visa on arrival. A similar process is held at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Today we will be discussing Visa on Arrival Procedure and Requirement at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Bangkok is located on the plains of Thailand and traveling lovers love to visit Thailand on vacations with their friends or family. It is highly recommended that you must go through all the guidelines very carefully.

The procedure is quite easy, all the important guidelines will be provided.The information regarding which documents is there.

Visa on Arrival Procedure and Requirement at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

You must be thinking that how to proceed? You can start the getting visa on arrival process via two different ways.

There are two counters at the Suvarnabhumi Airport for passengers who want to apply for the visa on arrival to enjoy the trip in Thailand. The service counter at the airport is located near the 2nd Zone, a premium lane which is between the 1st and 3rd level of the Immigration Zone.

Documents Required?

Below is the list of documents which a passenger has to submit at the time of applying for the Visa on Arrival. Be sure you have all the documents with you otherwise you may face issues.

Let us see what document you have to submit.

  • A Passport Size photograph (genuine and latest picture).
  • Visa Arrival Application Form.
  • Immigration card. Both Arrival and departure card must be there.
  • Return Ticket of return flight within 15 days.
  • Travel/ Tour Rates: 10,000 baht/person, 20,000 baht/family.
  • Interview: About accommodation in Thailand, Your Tour Plan. (A Passenger has to wait in queue for the interview call.)

You will get your visa after completing this process. After getting a visa, you have to visit for getting the stamp at your passport. Here is the passport verification procedure.

  • The process of passport by pics systems.
  • Arrival Stamp on the passport.
  • Entry in Thailand.

Make sure you follow all the process carefully and have all the required documents. Traveling in various countries with buddies or family members is one of the best things we can do in vacations, we can create thousands of memories and it is a fact that we don’t get these kinds of opportunities on regular basis. So, if you are getting such kind of chance don’t miss it, grab it and enjoy the trip at amazing locations in this world.

The article Visa on Arrival Procedure and Requirement at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport covers all the major points. Read it carefully. Enjoy.