Are you searching for Valentines Day Gifts for Him? Well, Valentine’s Day is just approaching and there is lot of confusion about what to gift your ‘sona’ or ‘babu’. It’s easy to find gifts for a friend than finding a valentine day gift for boyfriend. Whenever you think of any gift, the first thing which comes in mind is ‘Will he like it?’(Don’t worry they love gifts as much as we do)

Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Boys call us the most confusing breed but I feel they are the most confusing breed on earth (Isn’t it?). They have no idea what exactly they want in life, whether it’s perfume or a pair of socks and so they randomly pick anything (one of the reasons they spend less time shopping). Ultimately when you see their shopping there is nothing new in that bag, just the same old color shirt with a new print. So this Valentine’s Day gift him something new and unique, you don’t really have to gift him a shirt (like every year) there are many more things as Valentines Day gift for him.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him | Valentine Day Gifts for Boyfriend

We are always there for your help and so we have listed 50 Valentines Day gifts for him to make your Valentine’s Day a lil extraordinary.  Let’s get a little creative, funny, and loving this Valentine’s Day.

1) Message bottle – Take an empty glass bottle and some colorful paper. Write down some cute messages or things you want to tell him. Roll the paper, tie a thread and hang them inside the bottle. If you are as lazy as I am, you can go for readymade bottles. So this will be a creative valentine day gift for your boyfriend.

 2) 7 different cards for Valentine’s week– If you are from those couples who still believe in letters then this a prefect valentines gift. Give him one card each day!

3) A basket- Full of chocolates, chips, brownies, and cupcakes and decorate it with a ribbon. Don’t worry if he is your true love he will share it with you 😀  

4) Dreamcatcher- It works as positivity; he can hang it in his car or even in his room. You can try making it or simply order this valentine gift online.

5) Book- Be sure to pick one of his interests rather than yours.

6) Grooming kit- If you are dating a beardo then don’t think further go for this. It can turn out to be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him.

7) Love Cushion- Valentine’s gift should be different and at the same time cheesy because such things keep relationships last long. So go for the romantic love cushion, you never know when you get a chance to share it!

8 ) Trekking packages- Is your guy crazy about adventures? Why not sponsor him a trip, of course along with you? Nothing can stronger the bond as much as such adventurous trips. If your budget is less then go for trips that are close by and for a few days. This is one of the dreams Valentine’s Day gifts for my boyfriend.

9) Make their Favorite dish- ‘Aadmi ke Dil ka raasta pet se ho kar jaata hai’ Isn’t it!

10) Whiskey on the rocks – This is the best valentines day gift for him : (laughing)One of the best if you find it. They are the chill whiskey stones that are enjoyed as an alcoholic drink.


Amazing Valentines Day Gifts for Him

11) Office bag- Most of the guys use those old college bags but your guy should stand out from others. So this valentine’s day gift him the charm of a classy look by giving him a branded office bag.

 12) Perfume–  This is an all-time favorite thing for guys, smelling good is important to many guys and if your guy is one of those then this can be one of the ideal valentine’s day gifts for him

13) Wallet- This valentine’s gift is a little too old fashion but you can go for branded or classy wallets.

 14) Shirt- One of the most affordable valentines gifts for him. Just get him a favorite color shirt and you are good to go.

15) Same T-shirt with a heart/football- Any guy would love to see his girlfriend wearing his favorite football team t-shirt. It is also one of the ways to tell him that ‘you are kinda okay with football being a priority (I know how it feels when he suddenly hangs up during a football match) Sometimes its fine to watch a football match with him, you never know how interesting it may turn out 😛

16) Watch- Some guys are crazy behind watches and if you are with one of those who have a collection of watches then this is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. He will love it!

17) A date night- It’s not always the guy’s responsibility to take you out on a date, this time take him out. A rooftop café with a separate table, some candles, some balloons, and some amazing food along with his favorite drink (Wow..)

18) Autograph by his favorite celeb- This is a tough task but we are quite advanced with technology that nothing is impossible. You can drop a message on 0Instragram or Facebook regarding your sweet request; maybe you get lucky and have the best Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend.

19) Fishes- One of the unique valentines gifts for him. You can gift pair of Goldfish or Dwarf Gourami as they are beautiful and easily taken care of. You can do a Lil research on fish and choose the best one as Valentines gift.

20) Love birds- They are the cutest! (Gift only if he can take care of them)

Valentines Day Gifts for Him: Surprise Your Boyfriend this year

best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

21) A video Make an Audio/Video of a few minutes with pictures from the time you started dating. It can be like a timescale if you are together for many years. 

22) Favorite instruments – Instruments are expensive so you can also gift a plectrum or drum sticks etc (be sure it’s the one he requires)

23) A Dog- If he ‘genuinely’ love dogs and can take the ‘best’ care of them. Dogs resemble love and loyalty so choose breeds like labs J as they are the most loving and friendly (though all dogs are)

24) Appointment at the salon-  How about this Valentine’s Day pamper your guy a bit more? Take a salon appointment for a head and body massage. Sometimes they badly need it!

25) Sunglasses- He will remember you every time he wears them (What else do we girls want)

26) Pair of socks- Lil cheesy but gift them small heart-printed socks, it’s cute!

27 Thumbsticks- An ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for him(if he is a gamer)

28) A Mug- Yes, with taglines like ‘My bae best bae’, ‘My guy’, ‘You are the one and only’…

29) A night lamp- A customizes lamp, a bottle lamp with fairy lights, or a photo collage lamp. 

30) Phone cover- Go for creative covers or go for his favorite superhero.

Lovely Valentines Day Gifts for Him

31) Heart key chains with initials- Yeah, too common but it works!

32) Earphones- They tend to lose it all the time, trust me he will be super thankful to you.

33) Photo collages- Gather all the couple’s photos, make a beautiful collage out of it and give him as a valentine’s gift. Those memories and smiling faces will make his rough day a ‘not so rough’ day.

34) Tattoos- Both of you can have a ‘King or Queen’, or ‘His or Her’ tattoo as a valentine’s gift. Please don’t get his initial or name written on your hand (bad idea)! But you can get a tattoo of something which resembles his name. 

35) Shoes- Oh! He will love it. It can be pair of sneakers or office boots. If your boyfriend is very choosing about his shoes, take him along and buy the one he actually wants. If you know his choice to be sure about the size.

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36) Locket- Very common but some boys really like it. If you want you can customize them, a heart or their initial letter or maybe yours. You can gift the locket with a gold or silver chain (optional) but any other chain will not lessen his love for you.  

37) Portable Charger- No more ‘baby phone ki battery low hai’ you have a counter ready. And anyways it is the most essential thing in today’s world.  

38) Camera- If he likes clicking pictures or is in the field then this should be your Valentine’s gift.

39) A showpiece- Gift him a pen stand, something creative around a whiskey bottle(or whatever is his favorite alcoholic drink), maybe if your guy is a little spiritual then gift him a Ganpati or any god’s ideal he believes in ( can turn out to be lucky valentines gift  for him)  

Awesome Valentines Day Gifts for Him

top valentines day gift for him

40) Cap- If he likes to wear one, you can go for the regular one as you will find many options.

41) Wristbands/ Studs- Accessories like wrist band of his Favorite sports team or music band. Studs can also be a perfect Valentine’s gift if he already has to pierce.

42) Tie- This Valentines gift for him will work even if he has a whole collection of ties or the one you gift is the first. A grown-up man has enough occasions to wear a tie gifted by his girl. Yes, it’s true!

43) Dairy with all the important dates and numbers- Yeah it can be a little funny but they badly need it. Though we have Facebook now don’t relieve much on it as sometimes the notifications are way too late. And there are also times when the contact list suddenly gets formatted (which happened to most of us).

44) Multi room speaker system-  Music and boys have a different bond, so a small multi-room speaker can be a good valentines gift for a boyfriend. And if your guy is into music nothing is better than this.

45) A date night game – Though this is not a gift it can be part of your date night. Such things spice up the relationship and also relieve many untold stories. In games like truth and dare, you should know what question to ask and what dares to put, this will make it more interesting.

46) Personalized wall clocks- Yeah there are many places in the market where such clocks are easily customized. It is cheap and one of the sweetish Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

47) Exclusive set of glasses-  If your guy is a regular party host or loves to drink then this can be something cool to gift. You can also gift a set of two glasses one with Bride and another with a Groom on it.

48) A creative box- A box that can accompany your gift in a creative way. Or it can also have multiple gifts like cards, wallets, caps, etc. Brush up your creativity and make the best box for him.

49) A proposal- The world has changed and in this one, girls can also propose marriage. So arrange someplace with candles, and flowers and propose to him on your keens. He is 100% going to be in shock and you have an amazing story to tell your kids. I am sure if a guy gets such a proposal, he is the luckiest on earth (what say)

50) Condom- Intentionally it is last on the list. It’s kind of funny and wise to gift him this on valentine’s day but okay… 😀

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Awesome Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Top Valentines Day Gifts for Him for Boyfriend

Classy Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Costly Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Him

DIY Valentines Day Gifts for Him

You can even gift him a bitcoin, I am sure he is going to love it (kidding).

 So this valentine’s day gift them something which can truly describe your love. It can be anything from above or something which has your affection.

Hope you loved our suggestions on Valentines Day Gifts for Him. Best gifts are not always materialistic it can also be something like a kiss or a 5 minute meeting at a railways station(if you are in a long distance relationship and you plan to meet at a mutual station (been there done that)