Many people who love seafood think that oysters are aphrodisiacs, so they order them especially on their first date to create a romantic mood. Usually, first dates are quite stressful for both as both want to ease the tension and have a real conversation.

But a video has gone viral on TikTok where a woman named EquanaB from the United States is sharing her rather extraordinary dining misadventure. The video, which has garnered over a million views, details an awkward encounter where she found herself left with a hefty bill of  £150 as her date abandoned her at a restaurant.

Date leaves woman after she ordered 48 oysters

She had an unforgettable oyster-filled first date with a guy she’d been avoiding for a few weeks and decided to share her experience in a viral video. Equana met a guy at Fontaine’s Oyster House she had been avoiding for a few weeks in the vibrant Virginia-Highland neighbourhood of the city. The woman discovered that the restaurant had a special deal with oysters priced at $15 per dozen, on Tuesdays, and she intended to make the most of it.

Equana ordered four dozen of them, recording herself drizzling lemon juice and Tabasco on the shells and slurping them up behind the camera.

Date leaves woman after she ordered 48 oysters

“Y’all, when the fourth [plate] came out, he was looking at me crazy. I didn’t give a fuck,” she admitted in the clip. “I’m like, ‘Baby, you invited me out. I’m gonna eat.'”

Well, this was just the starting as the four dozen oysters she ordered were just an appetizer. The woman then ordered crab cakes and potatoes and washed them down with some lemon drop martinis. Her date had had enough and decided to abandon her in the middle of their first date. The guy said she was going to the bathroom and then never came back. He disappeared for nearly half an hour before she realized he left.

Date leaves woman after she ordered 48 oysters

EquanaB was stuck with a £150 bill, which included his “one drink” in addition to all the drinks and food that she ordered. After all this, she dared to post a screenshot of a text conversation between her and the man. The man was seen sharing his original intentions and how things took a turn once they got to the restaurant. “I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food,” he stated plainly. “I can Cash App the total for the drinks.”

The restaurant’s manager Kelcey Flanagan blamed the situation on her for her ridiculous move of ordering 48 oysters after the video went viral. According to EquanaB, four dozen of the oysters don’t even come close to what she’s seen before. “This is nothing new for us,” she told Rolling Stone, adding, “It was just quite funny.”

“I’ve had two ladies order six dozen [oysters] each,” she continued. “That’s not even the cherry on top—they were drinking white Russians. I didn’t know how to personally feel about that. I was just like, ‘This is insane to me, but okay.'”