Xbox was always the strongest contender standing alongside PlayStation. Xbox One is currently the latest version of the Xbox gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. Xbox was first released in North America in the year 2001. The name Xbox has come up from a contraction of DirectX Box, where DirectX is Microsoft’s graphics API. There are various games that are supported by the Xbox gaming console, we have listed the best Xbox games available in 2021.

Top 10 Xbox Games in 2021

These are the best Xbox games available in 2021. Read the full details of these games before installing these games in your Xbox gaming console.

1) Apex Legends:

apex legends xbox games 2019

Apex Legends is one of the newest additions to the Battle Royale type games which is developed by Respawn Entertainment. This is a Team Battle shooting game where you need to team up with 3 players and compete against 57 other players. Your team needs to be the surviving team in order to win the game, this game is most similar to PUBG and Fortnite. This game having various other abilities along with classes, which gives you a new flavor in the Battle Royale type games.

2) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the latest edition of the Assassin’s Creed gaming franchise. The game is set on a Peloponnesian war, where you need to you choose either of the gaming characters named Alexios or Kassandra. Play this open-world game which is set in an ancient time that you need to fight your battles as a mercenary. The game is having one of the most amazing gameplays and it is developed by Ubisoft.

3) Battlefield 1:


Battlefield 1 is the latest game on the Battlefield series, it is set in World War one where you need to fight your battles against enemies. This game does not have any modern weaponry, whereas you need to use the armor and weapons from World War One. We will get to experience the horror and intensity of the world which will be one of the unique things. The game is a first-person shooter game where you need to play as a single-player campaign. The game is having amazing graphics along with gameplay and it is considered as one of the best shooting type games.

4) Dark Souls Remastered:

Dark Souls Remastered is the updated version of the iconic game Dark Souls. This game is one of the best RPG fantasy games which was remastered into 60fps. Now you can experience that amazing game in a smooth environment and with entertaining gameplay. In case you are interested in RPG fantasy-based games then this game should be the one on your list. Xbox One is also having the original version of the game in this version along with various new DLC which is giving the new age experience of the game. There are various dangerous enemies lurking in the game which need to be defeated.

5) Dishonored 2:

Dishonored was one of the favorite games which are set in a fantasy era in ancient times. Dishonored 2 is the next version of that famous franchise. The game is set after 15 years from the original series in the Victorian Steampunk city of Dunwall. In this game, you will get to choose between the original protagonist from the first series named Corvo. You can even choose the similarly skilled Protegee Emily. You need to use your intelligence and skills in order to complete various missions offered in the game. In case you have already played the original version of the game, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game on your Xbox gaming console.

6) Fallout 4:

Bethesda has developed Fallout 4, and it is considered one of the best games available for the Xbox gaming console. It is one of the best open-world games where you need to loot and shoot. There are various machines that need to be covered and you can also play various side missions which are exciting to play. After Fallout 3, the game has completely improved and they have brought the flavor of mystery. No need to waste your time on nominal tasks, you can easily complete them and focus on the main missions. This is one of the most recommended came in our list which we have shared with you.

7) FIFA 19:

fifa 19 xbox game 2019

FIFA 19 is the latest edition of the world’s best football games of all time. This game is available for all gaming devices including the Xbox gaming consoles. You can either play various small matches or you can go for the career mode which will give you the experience of a professional football player slowly pacing into the glory. You will be able to create your own team according to set up by various players and get an expert in the Football world.

8) Fortnite Battle Royale:

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most famous open-world Battle Royale games. You need to play against other online players and survive till the last for winning the game. This game is one of the strongest competitors against PUBG and Apex Legends. If you are into the online Battle Royale games, then you should definitely try this game which is having a unique flavor of building your defenses along with survival which can be played in your Xbox gaming console.

9) Gears of War 4:

Gears of War 4 is the successor of the Gears of War game series, this gaming series is exclusive to the Xbox gaming consoles. You will get to use the shooting type name for defeating various enemies by upgrading your armors and arms. If you are interested in playing shooting-type games then definitely you should give this game to your gaming list.

10) Halo 5: Guardians:

halo 5 xbox game 2019

Halo is developed by Microsoft and this game franchise is exclusive to the Xbox gaming console only. Although there are various Halo series is also available for PC. Halo 5: Guardians is the latest series of Halo Franchises where you need to use the multiplayer combat option to play against other online opponents. You can also play the single-player campaign which will give you various missions to complete along with mesmerizing gameplay.

Last Words on best Xbox games in 2021

Xbox is one of the most used gaming consoles which is competing against PlayStation by Sony. There are various Xbox exclusive games available in the market along with various games which are supported by Xbox. We have collected various information about the latest games for Xbox and created this list for you. Share this article with other Xbox gaming console users, so that they get to play these games in their Xbox gaming device.