Tom Brady is kind of like an international man of mystery. He’s becoming the Kieth Richards of football – although he wasn’t ugly to begin with; we mean that he is starting to seem like some sort of genetic mutant that will probably outlive cockroaches in a nuclear holocaust. He’s also married to one of the most famous, richest women in the world.

He’s in the Running for MVP Again

Sites like 5Dimes have Tom Brady listed as one of the front-runners to win the NFL MVP Award for the 2019-2020 season. Sure, he has fallen off a bit because of one man, Christain McCaffery. But hey, everyone has. McCaffery is looking like a one-man army over in Carolina.

He’s Probably A Vegan

Ok. So he hasn’t actually stated that he’s a ‘vegan.’ Probably because he might not want the stereotypical ‘moral agendas’ that come along with that word attached to his persona. That said, he eats a locally-sourced, plant-based diet and scrambles away from processed foods like he’s escaping from a collapsing pocket. Furthermore, more he partners with certain vegan meal delivery services such as Purple Carrot. It’s reported that neither he nor his wife consumes any dairy either, so yeah … he’s probably a vegan. Why is this interesting? Only because a champion athlete isn’t what we would typically think of as vegan. Most people think of vegans as bruise-easy anemics who shout at you through a bull-horn or argue over the protein levels of broccoli versus steak. But, Tom proves the meat-eating public wrong. You can win Super Bowls with-out animal proteins in your diet.

His Wife is Smoking Hot (Subjectively Speaking)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you don’t think Giselle Bundchen is gorgeous, that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with that. However, probably a good 80 percent of the world would disagree with you. Arguably the most famous Victoria’s Secret model ever, she has appeared on the cover of everything from GQ, and Forbes, to TIme and Vanity Fair. She’s an author and public speaker, which is pretty hot as well. Everyone likes a beautiful girl, who also has a head full of brains that can hold a conversation. On top of that, she was listed as the 16th richest woman in the entertainment industry.

Tom Brady’s Wife Has More Money Than Him

OK. So Tom has a ton of money, somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 million dollars. But his wife is reportedly worth around 400 million on her own. Wow. I wonder if they have a prenup? Together they are worth a whopping 580 billion dollars, well on their way to becoming a billion-dollar power couple. Tom makes a great salary, but Giselle was making somewhere around $128,000 per day while working on fashion campaigns … for years!

Tom Holds the Record for Oldest Player in NFL to Record Multiple Rushing TDs in a Game

In Week 6 of the 2019 season, the Patriots crushed the NY Giants and Tom Brady ran the ball a few times. The result of his 6 yards of rushing we two goal-line touchdowns. Now Tom has added yet another record to the history books. At 42 years old, he’s the oldest player to score multiple TDs on the ground. This one is stacked on top of the 54 other NFL records he owns. He’s also on track to take over with most TD passes in history this season. He needs 23, just 13 more to break this record as well.