Working in multi-national companies like JP Morgan and Google is no less than the biggest dream turning into reality. And, you must consider yourself a blessed soul if you get this opportunity when you are in your 20s. The fortune of this 29-year-old boy just doubled when after working in these two mega organizations, he decided to take a step back and work for himself. No one could ever imagine taking retirement at the age of 29 because at this age, people are busy exploring multiple domains, and he decided to take retirement and that too he is very happy with his decision. You must be wondering that why he took such a big life-changing decision at such a young age, if yes, then check out the detailed information below.

The name of this mastermind is Daniel George who holds a degree from IIT Bombay and is now 29 years old. But, he decided to retire at the very early age 24. In 2018, he grabbed a job in Google where he was offered a mind-blowing package of Rs. 2.2 crore per annum. Before getting this opportunity, he was wrapping up his summer internship. Now, he has so many pennies in his pocket that he does not have to worry about his income because he has already made his career as an AI specialist, and he can rule his world all by himself. 

Daniel saved all of his money applied some smart investment tactics on his money, and gained more from it. Now, he is all set to live his dream. Whenever sources asked him about why he took this decision, he said, “Working for Google X was my dream job. It was like working in a magical fairyland. There was unlimited food and drinks and amazing facilities, including ping-pong tables, video-game rooms, soccer fields, a gym, tennis courts, and free massages in the office,” George said, as per a Business Insider report. “After a year at Google, I started teaching myself more about finances and taxes. I was making more money than ever before but paying nearly 50 percent in taxes.”