Love is one feeling in the world that is magical, out of this world and cannot be described in words. And it’s also true that we all have felt it at some point or another in life whether, be that for family members, friends or pets, people we feel drawn to or for that matter the world itself; the trees, rivers and mountains we are thankful to be able to feel it. Be it for anyone or anything the fact is when we love somebody or something, forces us to change the way we think, work or behave. There are times when these changes go unnoticed, but in other cases, love can sometimes dominate how we live our lives.

This happened for this one couple named Julio Mora and Waldramina Quinteros. According to the reports, the couple were born back in the years 1910 and 1915 respectively and met through Waldramina’s sister. They quite immediately became mesmerized with one another, and even after going through rocks and bottoms, their love for each other turned out to be one of the most beautiful love ever known.

Oldest couple

As per the reports, Waldramina started to develop feelings for Julio after he caught her heart with his poetry. And as it happened eventually, Julio expressed these feelings, and the two soon came into a relationship that lasted for about seven years. Unluckily, their families disapproved of a wedding between Julio and Waldramina, forcing them to run away to live their lives together.

So back on February 7, 1941, the two tied the knot in the Church of El Belen in Quito, Ecuador. “It wasn’t easy at first because our families didn’t have a good relationship,” Waldramina informed. But as we all know, time heals all wounds.

As time went by Julio and Waldramina were able to convince the families that the thought of marrying each other was right. The two had children, went after their interests and worked hard. As per Waldramina, although they had a few small disagreements, she and her husband never actually fought.

oldest couple

Post retiring – two Julio and Waldramina started working as teachers – the two decided to stay in the same city they were living in. By now, their family included their four children, 11 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. In the year 2020, Julio and Waldramina established history posts setting a new world record. According to reports, the Guinness World Records presented the two with certificates for being the oldest living married couple.

By the greatest coincidence, by that time Julio and Waldramina had together an age of nearly 215! At ages 110 and 104, Julio and Waldramina had spent a life they never could have thought of when they decided to run away to get married.

oldest couple

“For us, it is a source of great honour and pride to have a Guinness World Records title because it is the highest award that the world recognizes,” they revealed. Unfortunately, mere two months later after receiving their certificate, on October 22, 2020, Julio died in his sleep. His family took peace, with the fact that he was lying right beside his partner when he died.