Travelling the entire world is a dream of many but those who can actually convert this dream into reality need lots of courage and money of course! This South Indian woman looked like a dream and happily covered 11 countries in 10 years with only his saved money. Saving money is a tedious task because you have to look after your family, studies of your kids, monthly expenses, house maintenance, and more. Along with all these things, you have to save as well if you have a dream to live. And, this woman proved it with little savings every day, you can conquer any part of the world.

61 Year Old Explores 11 Countries in 10 Years with Savings- Well done Molly Joy

Who is Molly Joy?

Molly Joy is a 61 year old lady who works as a casual laborer. She runs a basic grocery shop which was opened by her husband. Molly’s husband passed away 26 years ago, and since then Molly has taken the responsibility of running the shop and made it her main income source. She had a son and a daughter. She took care of both the kids in a very good manner, and later her son got a good job whereas her daughter got married.

After she got rid of two major responsibilities, she realized that her bank balance was in good condition and she could pursue her dream of travel. She was already traveling places in her mind when one of her neighbors invited her to explore the world with them and without any second thoughts she accepted the invitation.

To start with, she explored destinations like Madurai, Kodaikanal, Ooty, and more. While exploring these places, she got more obsessed with traveling and in 2010 she applied for a passport.

In the year 2012, she stepped out of the country for the first time and planned an entire 10-day trip to Europe after she had a huge amazing experience, she decided to she will explore more countries and started working hard to earn money so that she could save more. Once savings met her target, she visited places like Malaysia, Italy, New York, London, Washington, Singapore, and more.

Travel, Live & Laugh!

Life is short, don’t waste it by not living it. Be money minded but keep some space for your dreams. No one knows what the future holds, that’s why grab all the opportunities that you are getting from life.