For some people, their work becomes a big part of their life. For others, what they do to make money doesn’t impact any other life aspect. Some individuals can’t wait to talk about what it is they do the second you meet them.

There’s nothing wrong with either system. You can be a zealot regarding a particular job, or you can never mention your work because you simply don’t care about it. For some people, though, their job can become their identity or a considerable part of it.

The trucker lifestyle would be a prime example. There are some people who seem to do very well driving big rigs across the country, so let’s talk about whether that might interest you.

You Have to Be an Excellent Driver

The Trucker Lifestyle

If you’re going to drive trucks for a living, we should first mention that you need to be a skilled and careful driver. If you are not the best driver, and you want to get into this industry, that does not make a whole ton of sense. Poor truck drivers can cause accidents, and you don’t want to hurt yourself or someone else.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mentions that 13% of fatal US truck accidents happened in Texas. It’s one example of a state that has more than its share of truck wrecks. If you live in certain parts of the country, you should know those truck accidents are likely, and you don’t want to do anything to add to that number.

If you’re a great driver, that’s the first prerequisite for this job and lifestyle. Honestly assess your driving skills if you decide to go in this direction.

You Get to Be on the Road a Lot

Part of the trucker lifestyle that appeals to a lot of people is that you’re out on the road a lot. Maybe that works for you more than sitting behind a desk, as so many individuals need to do as part of their job. You also don’t have to stand behind a cash register or flip burgers on a grill.

The open road seems to call to some people. It’s out there, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets over barren road stretches. It’s almost poetic to think you could be out there seeing that and making good money doing it, too.

You Might Work as Little or as Much as You Like

If you drive a commercial truck, you can also work as much or as little as you like, within reason. You can’t drive literally as much as you want since you must adhere to specific rules regarding how many hours you can work before you need to stop and rest. However, you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to making your own schedule.

If you work more, your company will pay you more. You definitely have a lot more control over your schedule than the average hourly employee, though. Some individuals will want to be truck drivers for this reason.

You Can Meet Interesting People

Most people think of truck driving as a blue-collar job, and that’s accurate. However, you can’t generalize what truck drivers are like. If you meet some different ones and start to talk to them, you’ll quickly realize that they are individualists, with their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

The desire not to fit into a mold and to stay on society’s outskirts is part of what drives many truckers. They feel like all they need is their own rig, and they can govern their actions.

Truckers often like hanging out with each other because they’re not cut from the same cloth as many other individuals. You might choose to get into this profession because of some of the friendships and relationships you can make.

There is Dependable Work

Some people also try to get into a profession that seems to hold promise for the future. That sounds like trucking as well.

The trucking profession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon since commercial trucks haul goods back and forth across the country wherever people need them. You can feel comfortable and secure getting into this industry, and it’s not likely that automation will make you scramble frantically. Self-driving trucks might appear at some point, but not for several years to come.

The trucker lifestyle might be right up your alley, so consider it if you’re looking for dependable work that can also define you.