The game of darts is a form of throwing game where small wooden or steel missiles are thrown at the circular target placed at a distance. The game was invented in mid-1850’s by soldiers in England for target practice. Traditionally there were three main concentric circles which had different points associated to them in accordance to their difficulty. YOU might not realize, but real life is a game of darts. You only get a limited number of shots per life, you play your shots and you get happiness, money, a better lifestyle accordingly.

How to play this game?

Life gives you different opportunities at different times so that you can cultivate a life which you want. Life begins and you’re assigned a board by your parents, society and religion. You don’t understand it that well, the board has different areas crafted in it; red and blue quadrants, different circles, etc. You’re just an amateur. You practice and develop skills. Now assuming there are only three circles in our board.

The outer most circle is the circle with the least points, points over here means happiness. The Middle circle has more points in comparison to the outer one and then we have our bulls eye. The inner most circle which has the highest amount of points. The bulls eye is the gateway to unlimited happiness or inner peace.We take our shots and we hit our circles in accordance to the skill set that we’ve acquired over the years.

Many a times we see that some people in our environment, have the best boards with them, they get the best mentors and they develop a great skills set; but still they cannot hit their respective inner circle. On the other hand we see many people with the worst boards, no mentors but still they manage to hit their bulls eye and cultivate a great life.

HOW do we denote points to the circles?  

When we receive our boards in childhood we see that there are already some boundaries around it, our parents have expectation and they mentor us in a way that we denote our circles by keeping in mind the needs of our family and society.As we grow up we define our own boundaries and we tend to take shots in accordance to the support we get from our parents. Many spiritual leaders, philosophers have seen that not more than 10% of the people hit the bulls eye. They find that people take a shot in the open and then name that as their bulls eye.

Then how does one decide what is their respective bulls eye? What is their purpose of life?

the silly game of darts


At the start of the game you had no control over who you were or your environment and by the last stage your past scores drastically shape where you end up; either happy, contented and peaceful or sad and full of regret. Thus one gets only the adulthood to actually classify the circles and take the maximum shots. The outer most circle must contain the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, shelter, etc. The middle circle must have goals which develop the individual and the people around him/her. For example: establishing a good family background, love and respect in society, etc these are the social needs.

The inner most circle must contain the goals which gives purpose to the individuals life! If you don’t know it yet; then these two questions which were asked to me by my closest friend might help you find the purpose of your existence? Will you love doing/being __________ for the rest of your life?

Do you think that you can do that passionately for the rest of your life? If you already know your passion, and the answer to both the questions is your passion then good, if it is not; then really question yourself about it, this may take some while, it took me 20 years to find what I like. HOW to take shots? Now once you’ve figured all the three circles out you must know how to hit them in such a way that you don’t jeopardize your game altogether.

If you’re in your young adulthood then you’ve to worry about all the three circles, basic, middle and the inner circle. For me the first two circles are Money, Love and Respect in the society. Now to complete these goals I have planned to take up higher studies, do many extra curriculum activities, give love and respect to everyone, etc. These shots will allow me to control my game and excel at it. I’ve figured out what I want to with my life, but it can only be done after I’ve excel in the first two circles. The game of darts will surely help you classify your goals and time allocation towards them. I have achieved success by following this game as well. I hope you too get the benefit out of it.

If you’ve excelled in any of the circles then look forward to the next circles, take the leap of faith and achieve your purpose!! I sincerely hope that this blog adds value to your knowledge. Thank you.

I hope you achieve your higher purpose and bless me to achieve mine.