10 Things Gujaratis Do During Uttarayan


Uattarayan is just few days away and every one is excited for the famous festival of Kites, Fun, Music and Masti. Here is a list of things every Gujarati does during Uattrayan

1) We invite friend and family to join us during Uttarayan on our terrace. You can see all the terrace around your house full of people enjoying the kite festival.

uttarayan with friends and family

2) We love eating Uttarayan special sweet Chikki.

uttrayan special sweet Chikki

3) There is always one friend who will become the DJ on Uttarayan and play awesome songs.

dj on terrace during uttarayan

4) We always fight because of one thing : “tu maari firki pakad!” 

tu maari firki pakad uttarayan dialogue

5) Every women in house will prepare Undhiyu for lunch or dinner during Uttarayan

Undhiyu prepared during uttarayan

6) You always find one guy on terrace who tries to flirt with every girl during Uttarayan

flirting on terrace with girls

7) The sound of Pipudi is very irritating but we enjoy making that sound when we cut some one’s kite

irritating sound of pipudi during uttarayan

8) You see almost every one wearing sunglasses and hat to protect themselves from sunlight

sunglasses and hat during uttarayan

9) Almost every ladies from neighbourhood is seen gossiping during Uttarayan on terrace

ladies from neighbourhood gossip during uttarayan on terrace

10) We end our day by lighting hot air balloons

hot air baloons during uttarayan

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Have a happy and Safe uttrayan, Best wishes from Team dontgetserious

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