Romance binds people together. People have tried to put it to words, but no one can fully describe love or romance to its full extent. This article delves into various books by various authors who have tried to capture the essence of romance and have successfully done so.

Here are the authors that will be featured in this article:

  • Aastha Atray Banan: She is a multi-talented woman, a journalist, a successful fiction author, and the host of a successful podcast, Love Aaj Kal. Her book, The L-word: Love, Lust, and Everything In-Between is her first non-fiction romantic book. She has also released four original songs because she is simply that talented!
  • Milan Vohra: He is an advertising consultant and the author of the book Our Song. While the title of the book does not stand out too much, the story is a masterpiece.
  • Coleman Barks: Coleman Barks is an amazing poet. He’s the author of many anthologies, most significantly Rumi, and he’s also taught poetry in many prestigious colleges like the University of Georgia.
  • Anmol Malik: She has a degree in creative writing from the University of Warwick, England. She came back to India to work for various companies here, like Yashraj Films and UTV Disney. She is one of the best authors of her time, with a ton of experience and a heart full of creativity.
  • Nikita Singh: She is the author of eleven bestselling novels, and her latest work, What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? takes after the previous ones insofar as this is also a masterpiece.

The L-word: Love, Lust and Everything In-Between

The L-word: Love, Lust and Everything In-Between is a romantic novel that deals with modern love. Love has become synonymous with lust or sex, which is not what it is. The book tackles romance in these tumultuous times and how the questions that were asked to the author made her write The L-word: Love, Lust and Everything In-Between and start a podcast, Love Aaj Kal. The book helps the reader make sense of love, the feeling, and not the word.

Our Song

Harmony is made by individual beats playing together. That may sound off individually might be the most crucial part of the complete melodious piece. Our Song is based on a similar theme; it revolves around a struggling music composer, Ragini, and the head honcho of a Pharma company, Andrew. Love blooms in the most unexpected places, but considering their stubbornness, would this sapling of love be able to survive the storm that is a clash of their egos? Read Our Song to find out.


Rumi is an anthology. It contains poems on love and lovers expressing a lot more than what words can usually describe. It is a collection of all sorts of writings on shades of love: erotic, pure, friendly, and is a medley of what it means to be in love. It is a delightful book that makes the reader think deeply about love, its consequences, lovers and their longings, and what it is to fall in love. Rumi is a must-read for everyone who has ever longed for an emotional connection with another person.

A Plane Story

A Plane Story is about two totally different individuals who met by destiny. Tara and Dev both were messed up in their life. Both of them were invited to their ex’s wedding. Surprisingly, the girl who was Dev’s ex was getting married to Tara’s ex. A Plane Story has a lot of dramatic twists that will surely build the interest of the readers.

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Loss, grief, and mental health are topics that need to be addressed in today’s world. People have since long given advice as to how not to be sad, but sadness is a human emotion that needs to be accepted wholeheartedly. What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? is a collection of short fictional stories which do exactly that and are brilliantly written to do so. Some couples vowed to die together when they grew old but broke their promise, a groom who met a fairy and a woman attempting to save her brother from his demons. What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? is an emotional rollercoaster and a modern masterpiece.


Love is not something that comes to us by reading a book or two. But it is something that can be felt through the work of others; reading these books can soothe your heart and help you know more about what it is.