Most teenagers love the cool idea of riding a motorcycle, but it is very important to ensure that they have a solid understanding of all of the safety risks that accompany this form of transportation. Raging hormones make rageful, attitudinal adolescents. You don’t want to increase their vulnerability and endanger their lives with a piece of fearless metal. After all, statistics indicate that there is a much higher ratio of fatal motorcycle accidents than those that involve a standard passenger vehicle.

For most parents, the idea of getting an older teen his or her first motorcycle can be a very touchy subject. Giving them their first motorcycle gives them both independence and responsibility. On the flip side, you know all too well that one serious accident can change their life and yours forever.

Teen Motorcycle Riding Tips

Teen Motorcycle Riding Tips

If you are a teen or have a teen whom you think is matured and sensible enough to handle a motorcycle, we have some tips for you about motorcycle safety. Besides, be informed of where to find the best affordable motorcycle parts online as shopping for these items online are most times cheaper than what you’ll get at physical shops. Plus most online shops like offer you free delivery, a hassle-free return policy and reward points on every purchase.

1) Protect yourself

This is the number one rule when you hit the road on your motorcycle. Riders should always wear proper motorcycle helmets, as they reduce the risk of death by 39 percent, according to published research. Other gear should include ankle boots, gloves, heavy duty jeans and motorcycle jacket.

2) Never Drink and Drive

Although teenagers should not be drinking to begin with, everyone knows that kids in this age group often imbibe at parties. Have an honest discussion with your teenager on the consequences of drinking and driving. Ensure that you let them know that alcohol is a factor in 29 percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents.

3) Never Speed

This is pure common sense but always remind your teen never to speed, no matter how tempted they may be to flaunt their newly acquired biking skill on the road.

4) Never ride tired.

This tip goes not only for bikers but for every driver that hits the road in their vehicle.

5) Drive Home the Distraction Factor

Drive home to them that distracted driving leads to accidents most times. Those accidents can unfortunately take a fatal turn. If your teen is riding with a friend, never turn to communicate with them unless stopped at a traffic light. Even losing their concentration for a second or two can have grave consequences. The same holds true for trying to use cell phones while riding.

6) Don’t Skim On Other Motorcycle Safety Gear

Safety in everything is foremost, and motorcycling is no different. Motorcycle gear is an investment that will always pay for itself. Put on the safety gear that serious and smart riders wear, like a proper motorcycle helmet, gloves, armored motorcycle jacket, long pants, and boots or covered shoes whenever you ride your bike, especially on long trips. is the one-stop online center to get everything that you need for your ride, from safety gear to genuine Yamaha parts, motorcycle accessories, and much more.