Whether be it a big or a small business, whether you have a house or you are travelling in a train technology has evolved everywhere. And the best thing is it’s still continuing to do so. Technology is no more just about computers and networks, in fact, it’s far beyond that. From smartphones and tablets and cloud computing technology is just helping in making our lives easier. It depends on how well you use it for your own profit. In case you aren’t using it for your benefit the someone else will.

Technology Game Changers for the Next Decade

There is a maximum chance that these technologies will impact the online world like anything. Human voice recognition, mind reading everything will be done with the help of technology in the next decade. People, especially the young generation is going crazy for Online Casino Games, so casino lovers must be aware that because these technologies now it will be more hyped. Still if you are not satisfied with the results of searches you are doing, try to do more research for more casino games guides and Search engines will surely help you find best results. We all try to search for  2-3 links and then we stop, but there is a very thin line between normal research and deep research which you need to do.

Today we’ll look at the top 6 technologies of the future that are the game changers for the next decade.

So let’s dive right in!

Top 6 technologies of the future:


Nano is a unit prefix of one billionth that is 10^-9. This small microscopic nanorobot, when placed inside the human body, will create wonders due to the technological advancements. Eventually, we’ll eliminate the need for invasive surgery and chemotherapy. In future, the nanorobots will react as doctors inside your body.

It will control and monitor inflammation and post-surgery recovery. Also, a Japanese electronics firm manufacturing Hybrid Assisted Limbs for Parkinson’s patients and miniaturizing from there.

Big Data

Big data is the new trend in the technological market when it comes to handling data. It is famous for its data collection and interpretation. Big Data become a buzzword in the business world due to it’s handling of all the unstructured data which was hard to manage in the normal database.

With big data, you can easily visualize your data to crunch numbers that are really huge to calculate and can come to a conclusion pretty easily. Also, big data is now being used by the majority of the businesses to gather user data and that’s why it has become more secure.

Big data is also used to collect data in an online casino. A casino will collect data with the use of a loyalty card. In addition to your personal information, casinos collect such things like the amount of money you spend, times and dates you visit the location and even your favorite slot machines. For more casino games guide in future big data will be the best to handle complicated and unstructured data.

3D Printing

It all started with a simple png image which was made by collecting pixels and today due to the advancement in technology we can print our own model with the help of 3D Printing. Pull it up and print, yes you are done. If you are tired of your kitchen’s appliance needless to worry now you can easily change those appliances with the help of 3d Printing.
In the next ten years, humans will be able to create bone and dental implants even surgical tooth and many other things with 3D Printing.

Voice Recognition

Remember when you last used the phrase “OK Google” or “Hey Siri”. We use it daily right? That is the power of voice which every tech giant in the market is focusing on and will be the next big thing in near future.

It will help you book your flights, dinner, listen to music online and many other things which you have not ever imagined. Recently Amazon released a new device known as Amazon Echo which works on Alexa and it’s completely based on voice assistant. We can understand from this how big brands are investing a lot of time and energy in voice recognition because it is the future.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is closely related to Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is where machine learns the process on its own with executing programs. Google is highly focusing on machine learning and they are trying to implement it in all their services and products.

“It’s not magic,” says Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist at Google. “It’s just a tool. But it’s a really important tool.”

It works on the technology of neural networks which was first discovered in 1930’s but computers have started understanding neural networks from the last 3 – 4 years.

Some of the advantages of machine learning which will definitely help the human race are fast processing and real-time data. It can easily consume an unlimited amount of data and can figure out which data is the best and relevant.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s a network of products which are connected to the internet and have their own unique IP address to connect with other devices to automate simple tasks.

According to Gartner report by 2020, there will be nearly 20.6 billion IoT devices connected to different technologies. By 2017 around 40% people who are living in “smart cities” will be in “smart homes”.

Here are some applications of IoT which will help us in future:

1) Smart Homes, Smart Cities.

2) Connected Cars.

3) IoT in healthcare

4) Agriculture.

5) Energy Engagement.

6) Business Industries.

Wrap Up:

Technology will be a never ending race will be changing every second to help humans to make their lives easier. All the above mentioned technology advancements will someway or the other will change the future in the upcoming years. We humans have to adopt the new technologies.
I hope you found this article useful and learned something new. Let me know in the comments section which is your best technological advancement.