As the festive season is almost here, everyone is looking forward to celebrating and receiving gifts, from friends and family. Working professionals across the country eagerly wait with bated breath for their bonuses and gifts. And this tea estate owner from Tamil Nadu didn’t disappoint his employees. In an unexpected gesture, the man from Kotagiri town went the extra mile for his employees during Diwali gifting. Instead of the usual gift comprising of incentives, sweets, or vouchers, the company surprised its 15 employees by presenting them with Royal Enfield bikes as a Diwali bonus.

Tea Estate Owner In Tamil Nadu Gifts Royal Enfield Bikes As Diwali Bonus To His Employees

The owner of the sprawling 190-acre tea estate, P. Sivakumar, has a history of giving gifts to his employees during Diwali, such as cash bonuses and household appliances. However, this year, Sivakumar decided to exceed his employees’ expectations by gifting them bikes valued at over Rs 2 lakh each.

royal Enfield

The 15 employees were called up on stage one by one and the tea estate owner handed the keys to the bikes to them. All of the 15 employees were on cloud 9 and couldn’t thank their employer enough. They started their bikes and went for a ride with their boss. They thanked him with their whole heart and were grateful to him for his sweet gesture.

One of the employees said “We were never expecting this type of gift. He [the owner] gifted around 15 Royal Enfield bikes whichever we preferred and it is something that I believe nobody will get, but we got it. We are blessed by his work and the teamwork which we have done.”

Approximately 627 dedicated employees have worked at the tea estate over the past two decades. Sivakumar selected 15 of his employees, which included his manager, field staff, storekeeper, drivers, supervisor, and cashier, as recipients of the Royal Enfield bikes.

Another similar thing happened when the owner of a pharmaceutical company in Haryana gifted cars to his staff as Diwali gifts the previous year. A video showing the Chairman of MitsKart, MK Bhatia, handing over the keys of a brand-new Tata Punch car to twelve of his staff members, including an office assistant, went viral on the Internet.

Mits Healthcare owner and director MK Bhatia while speaking to ANI said, “It is because of the hard work of these employees that they have reached this position today. All of them have been working for this company for years now.”

“This car is a reward for their hard work, honesty and trustworthiness towards the company. We have already gifted cars to 12-star celebrities of the company. Soon 38 more stars will be given cars,” Bhatia added.

“Some time ago when our team was growing, I told my employees that they were no less than stars. We made rapid growth thereafter. We wanted to make them feel like celebrities. Everyone is a celebrity in my company.” the pharma company owner further added.