Live streaming is in high demand in all areas of video production, from amateur to professional videos. However, choosing the correct streaming PTZ cameras demands that you know what to look for in a camera and the benefits that these cameras bring to production teams.

Streaming PTZ Cameras Buying Guide

Who makes the best streaming PTZ camera?

We’ll be answering this question and many more in the coming sections.

Why buy a streaming PTZ Camera?

Reliable and dependable, amateurs and professionals can use a PTZ camera to produce high-end video. You’ll find many streamers using PTZ cameras along with professional production teams that want to use the pan-tilt-zoom technology.

A few of the main reasons to choose a PTZ over other cameras are:

  •         Price is affordable for top-end streaming
  •         Optics can offer as much as 20x zoom
  •         4K quality with flawless streaming

You can purchase a PTZ for anything, from conferences to live streaming and even broadcasts. While some streamers will opt for one of these cameras, they’re truly a choice that production teams prefer due to the control they offer.

Joystick control offers the absolute best control options, which allow for multiple camera control if necessary.

Benefits of streaming PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras are one of the best solutions for live streaming because they’re moveable and offer you the variety of shots you need to match any streaming needs. A few of the key benefits of a PTZ camera are:

  •         Cable runs. Permanent runs can be put in place and hidden in walls or fixtures. If you’re using these cameras in a dedicated room or on a set, the ability to have a dedicated run is going to be a complete game-changer.
  •         Auto-follow. You can set cameras up on a track motion on stage using either an auto track or pre-programming. Auto-follow technology empowers you to have live-action shots, especially when streaming sports events or action shots.
  •         Pre-programming. Production teams can choose to pre-program the unit to allow for easy zooming in on shots or panning to capture shots.

Many production teams aim to save money on their equipment, and a PTZ offers considerable cost savings over competing models. However, professional-grade cameras that are standalone will cost more than a PTZ.

Additionally, network needs are less than other cameras and reliable, continuous streaming is possible with a PTZ when they’re not with other low-end solutions.

Of course, you need to look at each individual camera to examine its features.

You’ll find models that have night-mode, 10x zoom to 30x zoom, MOS sensors, and even built-in optical image stabilization.

Types of PTZ Cameras

Choosing the right type of PTZ camera truly depends on your unique needs. For example, an outdoor PTZ streaming camera is an excellent option for outdoor events, such as producing a motorcycle Livestream.

You’ll find that the most common types of PTZ cameras are:

  •         PTZ with HDMI
  •         4K PTZ
  •         PTZ with USB
  •         PTZ analog
  •         PTZOptics
  •         Outdoor PTZ cameras

If you have an HDMI or USB setup, it may be easier to choose a corresponding PTZ. Of course, each of these camera types will work exceptionally well if you have the right network in place.

The operation of these cameras is relatively the same across all types, too.

How to operate a PTZ camera

Operating a PTZ can take a mini-novel to explain, but there are a few things that you need to consider. First, you’ll need to consider the controller, which may include:

  •         Joystick control, which is the absolute best because you can use a controller to tilt, zoom or pan the camera. If running an NDI setup, you can switch among multiple cameras and use controllers.
  •         Web GUI is an option, too. These GUI interfaces empower your team to use a simple interface to control the camera from start to finish.
  •         IR remote options are the most basic because cameras often come with them installed. Using the preview screen, you can tilt, pan and zoom, and adjust the audio to meet your production needs.

When searching for the best PTZ camera for live streaming, using the points above can help make your decision easier. You can also reach out to a retailer’s customer support team to narrow down your choices and find the best camera for your unique needs.