Smriti Irani is a celebrity first and then a politician, She is always in the news for some or the other reason and since she has quit entertainment industry and entered politics, she has become more popular and her fan following has increased immensely.

Her fans got one more chance to praise her as she was seen standing in a queue at Starbucks to get coffee. A Facebook user named Nimish Dubey posted Smriti Irani’s photo standing in a queue at N Block Connaught Place Starbucks like a ordinary person. She did not have any security or any bodyguards protecting her.

Smriti Irani who is currently the Union Textiles Minister visits this Starbucks outlet in Central Delhi very frequently. She usually enters Starbucks very quietly, collects her coffee and leaves without disturbance. We don’t usually see such a thing if a celebrity or a politician visits a coffee outlet. They are accompanied by security guards all the time.

Checkout the Facebook post which Nimisha Dubey posted on Facebook