There are two types of girls in India according to our so called society, one is beautiful and good looking girls and rest all are dark-skinned. Mentality of people is so bad that they actually discriminate between fair and dark skinned girl. Today we have 7 things you’ll understand if you’re a dark skinned girl in India.

1) When aunties say kaali ho per features sharp hai

dark skinned girl in india

And you are like, i f**king don’t care, 1 kaan se suno dusre se nikalo.

2) A lot of people have recommended fairness cream and remedies to you so that you can get a fairer glow on your face

darked skinned indian girl fair and lovely

Worst case :- They tell you to wear jewellery so that you can look more attractive.

3) You family vali aunties usually compares you will their children who have fair skin

aunties compare children for fair and dark skin

And you are like isko 1 hii cheez milti hai bolne ko, You ignore her all the time.

4) People have been taunting you all the time, Kaali hai toh kya hua dilwali hai

kaali hai toh kya hua diwali hai

What like seriously ? Are you kidding me !

5) In most of the salons you will find them giving you guarantee that couple of visits in their saloon will make your skin fair, Hell no, They spoil it instead.

get fair in saloon in india

BC kaha se soch lete hai aise paise kamane ke peintre.

6) Some rude aunties are like shaadi kon kare ga tumse ?

shaadi with a dark skin girl

You are like smiling from inside and saying kaam kar apna, I already have a boyfriend.

7) Your friends make fun of your dark skin.

friends making fun of being dark skin

andheray mai tum hume dikho gi ?

Note :- It’s high time our society should no more behave like a child.

Beauty is just more than skin, Your heart should be pure. Making racist comments on someone is a big crime and you can be jailed for it.