Punjabi Girls are high on family values. You would not mind bringing her home to meet your parents. Makes the best wives, best daughter-in-law and even the best moms. She is full throttle fun loving girl with all high regards of Respect for others. To Unite the families is in her genes. Here are some picks on why you should date a Punjabi Girl.

7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Punjabi Girl

1.Knows to Follow Traditional Value

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She believes in Punjabi culture and lifestyle. Punjabi suit, Jutti, poetry etc comes in this category. Respecting Elders with the great value of gesture and love for youngers are her key factors.   

2.Beauty runs in her Glamour

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No need to guide her for dressing or cosmetics, she herself is a trend setter. Being in Punjabi suit with all gracious features makes her perfect Punjabi Kudi.

3.Gifted Annapurna

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Cooking is her passion. Their specialties for Paratha to Dal Makhani and from Butter Chicken to Tandoori Chicken. From Authentic Food to Modern day cooking no one can beat her.

4.Never Mess With Her

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She is going to be truthful and will expect the same from you. Her brothers and cousins are always behind her for the protection to see happiness and safety.


5.She Carry a Big Heart


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Always with a Big Smile. Love making friends and socialized. Always Stand first in everyone problem. Her Liveliness inspired surrounding.Live a flower she leaves her fragrance all over.

6.She is Crazy about her Passion

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Determinations to Fulfill her Passion. An inspiration to all. Success comes from hard work is Key Mantra.



7.A Born Dancer

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She is always a dancing enthusiast by her genes if its Bhangra or Hip-hop. She likes to dance on music in her own joyful way.

You are lucky if your Girlfriend is a Punjabi.